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IEEE Region 4 Travel Reimbursement Policy

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Expense Reimbursement Guidelines for IEEE Volunteers August 26, 2022

This document establishes a policy for reimbursement of actual, necessary travel expenses for members of Region 4 committees. It is realized in some cases reimbursement will not cover all related expenses.

Area meetings will be scheduled to avoid the need for overnight accommodations and to permit the greatest number of attendees to travel by car. Car-pooling and use of reasonably priced accommodations assure maximum participation for the limited resources available.

When a Committee member requests reimbursement from the the Region, the following will apply:

  1. The function must be authorized by the Region 4 Executive Committee or Director.
  2. The attendee must be a member (or authorized Section delegate) of the committee.
  3. Expense claims must be submitted on IEEE forms, signed by the individual and accompanied by applicable vouchers and receipts over $25.00.

Travel reimbursement will be limited to the following items:

Meals and Lodging

  1. Hotel cost at prevailing local standard rate (single), limited to evening of meeting and/or the prior night. The original itemized bill must be attached as a receipt.
  2. Personal food and beverage at no more than prevailing rate at place of meeting. For any expenditures in excess of $25.00 per day, reimbursement will not be made unless meal receipts are attached.
Note: In the event you are required to extend your stay to obtain special discounted fares you would not otherwise be eligible for, your additional hotel room and personal meal expense will be reimbursed to the maximum of reasonable costs actually incurred or the savings in your fare, WHICHEVER IS LESS.


  1. Actual bus, economy air fare or train. Travelers are urged to make use of discounted fares, especially for air travel. Travel at rates above economy fare will not be reimbursed. Any exceptions must be approved by the Treasurer or the Executive Committee with the concurrence of the Director, and must be reported to the Executive Committee no later than its next meeting.
  2. Reasonable use of personal auto at the IEEE approved rate (IRS rate).
  3. Tolls and Parking
  4. Necessary taxi or other ground transportation.
  5. Penalties assessed by airlines when traveling on authorized IEEEbusiness under reasonable circumstances.
  6. Car rental when alternate economic public transportation is unavailable or impractical.


  1. Necessary telephone/fax charges. Limited to IEEE related calls. Calls placed from home telephones must have copies of telephone bills attached to be eligible for reimbursement.
  2. Necessary duplicating service charges.
  3. Reasonable porter fees and gratuities.
  4. Reimbursement will not be made unless original receipts are attached. (Itinerary invoice showing fare is not valid receipt.)
  5. Nonessential expenditures for personal items such as newspapers, movies and entertainment WILL NOT be reimbursed.

Revision 1998-1

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