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Electricity: The Magic Medium
Published by IEEE Canadian Region, © copyright 1985


Wallace S. Read

Wallace S. Read
The electrical phenomenon has fascinated scientists, engineers and the general public since the publication of Dr. Gilbert's theories on electricity and magnetism in 1600. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to work closely with this amazing energy form - educators, manufacturers, utility and industry workers alike - have grown to respect and admire its capacity and versatility to meet mankind's insatiable appetite for improvement in his life style.

This book bears testimony to the ingenuity and dedication of Canadian contributors to the advancement of electrical technology. It is fitting that such a record be produced to commemorate the Centennial of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It comes as a result of the efforts of many.

For those of us who have lived a part of this history the text and illustrations may well spark the memory of personal involvement in some of the events. For younger readers the book will be a reminder that the development of our technology and profession did not come easily. For all of us there is the hidden message that the age of discovery and invention is never over and that, with like perseverance, we can look forward to equally as great successes in the future. Electricity truly is the "Magic Medium".

Wallace S. Read, Region 7 Director
IEEE (1984-85)

A limited number of copies of the original book are still available.
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A set of PDF files were developed in the year 2000 as part of a millennium project to produce portions of this book as a CD.
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