The 5th THERMINIC workshop was held in Rome, Italy during 3-6 October 1999. THERMINIC workshops are a series of events to discuss the essential thermal questions of microelectronics and microstructures. These questions are becoming more and more crucial with the increasing element density of deep sub-micron downscaling of integrated circuits necessitating thermal simulation, monitoring and cooling.
Thermal management is expected to become an increasingly dominating factor of a system’s cost. The high element density of MCMs, the growing power dissipated in a package, etc., and the mobile parts of microsystems raise new thermal problems to be solved in the near future, necessitating the regular discussion of the experts in these fields.
Finally, there is an increasing need for accurate assessment of the boundary conditions used in the analysis of electronic parts, which requires a concurrent solution of the thermal behaviour of the whole system. To address this need, the scope of this year’s THERMINIC was increased to cover thermal issues at system level.
The topics discussed during the Workshop are:
Thermal and Temperature Sensors
Measurement of Thermal Properties
Thermal Simulation
Acquisition and Analysis of Thermal Data
Electro-thermal Simulation
Temperature Mapping
Thermal Modeling and Investigation of Packages
Novel and Advanced Cooling Techniques
Reliability Issues
Thermal Performance of Interconnects
High Temperature Electronics
Heat Transfer Enhancement
Flow Visualisation Techniques
Validation of CFD Codes
Turbulence Modeling in Complex Geometries
Coupled (thermo-mechanical, thermo- optical, etc.) Effects.
Thermal Characterization
More than 80 submissions were received this year (the highest number since the Workshop started). From these the Programme Committee selected 42 contributions for oral presentation and 28 for poster presentation. The workshop also had the highest attendance, with 111 participants from 20 countries.
THERMINIC is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Test Technology Technical Council and TIMA Laboratory in co-operation with the IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society, the DETERMIN Project supported by the European Commission and the European Test Technology Technical Committee. Previous THERMINIC Workshops have been held in Grenoble (1995), Budapest (1996), Cannes (1997 and 1998).
--Submitted by John Parry of Flomerics for TC-9 Newsletter