Medical Imaging Conference

October 31 – November 4, 2006

The IEEE Medical Imaging Conference (MIC) is the longest standing and most respected annual scientific meeting on the engineering, physics, mathematics, and imaging science of research and clinical nuclear medicine. Each year significant innovations in all forms of medical and biomedical imaging are welcomed and presented at the MIC, as nuclear medicine (emission imaging and radioisotope therapy) and its technologies intersect and overlap with many arenas of medicine (e.g., Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology) and their technologies. The MIC is an excellent venue for communication and discussion of novel medical and biomedical imaging technologies and uses, and investigators of such imaging are invited and encouraged to submit abstracts on any of the following and related topics.

  • PET & PET/CT Instrumentation
  • SPECT & SPECT/CT Instrumentation
  • PET & PET/CT Reconstruction
  • SPECT & SPECT/CT Reconstruction
  • Small-animal Imagers & Imaging
  • Multi-modality Imagers & Imaging
  • Application-specific Imagers & Imaging
  • Simulation Tools and Modeling
  • Acquisition & Processing of Dynamic Data
  • Quantitative Imaging & Compensation Techniques
  • Image Processing, Evaluation, & Quality Assessment
  • Scintillator-based Detection/Imaging Technologies
  • Semiconductor Detection/Imaging Technologies
  • X-ray & CT Technologies & Techniques
  • Non-ionizing Imaging Technologies & Techniques
  • Clinical Applications of Biomedical Imaging
  • Imaging in Drug Development & Biological Research

John Aarsvold
MIC Program Chair
Atlanta VAMC & Emory University
Atlanta GA 20322, USA
Phone: 1 404 329 2213
Fax: 1 404 728 4846

Bruce Hasegawa
MIC Program Deputy Chair
Radiology Department
UC San Francisco
San Francisco CA 94143, USA
Phone: 1 415 353 9472
Fax: 1 415 353 9458