Medical Imaging Conference

The Medical Imaging Conference (MIC) is the foremost international scientific meeting on the physics, engineering and mathematical aspects of nuclear medicine based imaging.

As the field develops, multi-modality approaches are becoming more and more important. The content of the MIC reflects this, with a growing emphasis on the methodologies of X-ray, optical and MR imaging as they relate to nuclear imaging techniques. In addition, specialized topics will be addressed in the Short Courses and Workshops programs.

Authors are invited to submit papers describing original and innovative contributions to the field of medical imaging in the topics listed below:

David W. Townsend
MIC Program Chair

Head, PET and SPECT Development
Singapore Bioimaging Consortium
National University of Singapore
Phone:+65 6478 8722
Fax:+65 6478 9957
Charles C. Watson
MIC Deputy Program Chair

Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
Molecular Imaging
810 Innovation Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37932-2562
Phone:+1 865 218 2419
Fax:+1 865 218 3000