Oral Presentation Instructions

Oral presentation files must be in Windows-compatible PowerPoint or PDF format. Note that the laptops used for the presentations are under Windows XP with Powerpoint 2010 and the latest version of Acrobat Reader. The file for your talk must be loaded onto the central file server no later than 2 hours prior to the start of your session. For a talk in the first morning session, the file must be loaded the previous day. To do this, take the file, preferably on a USB flash drive, to the Computer Rooms 300A and 300B and one of the computer room staff members will assist you. Note that presenters will not be permitted to use their own laptops. Please check your presentation carefully before you leave the Computer Room.

Oral presentations are limited to 12 min plus 3 min for discussion. Please ensure that you stay on time; the session chairs have been instructed to keep the session strictly on schedule.

Poster Presentation Instructions

All poster presentations will be in Exhibit Hall B on the lower level (Floor One). The maximum poster size is 34” (87 cm) wide and 44” (112 cm) tall. Fasteners to attach your poster to the panel will be available in the poster room. Your panel will be labeled with the session and number of your poster, also referred to as your “Paper ID.”

Presenting authors are expected to be present at their poster during their session. Papers whose authors are not present at their poster during their assigned session are not eligible for publication in the conference record. Session chairs will verify your attendance during the assigned session. The NSS and MIC posters will share the same space with their respective display times shown in the table below. Note that the RTSD posters will remain up during the entire meeting. It is recommended that poster authors maximize by displaying their posters for the entire allotted period. At a minimum, the poster must be in place no later than 2 hours prior to the start of the assigned poster session.
 Install after Remove before
NSS Monday, 8:00 Wednesday, 16:00
MIC Wednesday, 20:00 Saturday, 18:00
RTSD Monday, 8:00 Friday, 18:00

Posters that are not removed on time may be subject to disposal.