Conference Record

The Conference Record (CR) is the official repository for manuscripts presented at the 2010 Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference and will be published on CD-ROM, complimentary to all registered conference attendees.  All CR manuscripts will be made available online at before the CD-ROMs are mailed out. 

The approved word processor templates, available in PDF, MS Word and LaTeX format can be downloaded from

All manuscripts submitted to the IEEE must be in IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF format.  To assist authors in meeting this requirement, IEEE has established a web based service called "PDF eXpress."  We strongly suggest that you use this service to create your PDF files.  Manuscripts that are not IEEE Xplore-compatible will not be accepted in the conference record CD.

In order to ensure a timely release of the CD-ROM, please follow this procedure for the Conference Record manuscript submission:

  • Produce IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file using PDF eXpress
    The IEEE PDF eXpress service will be available for the NSS-MIC authors between Oct. 12 and Nov. 21, 2010.   You need to enter nssmic10x as the conference ID, and set up an account on that system.  You can upload your word processor file to the web site and have it converted to PDF.  Shortly after your upload, an electronic proof in PDF format will be generated and emailed to you. You need to retrieve this IEEE Xplore-compatible file either from the PDF eXpress web site or from your email.  You can also use this service to verify your own PDF file for Xplore-compatibility. Detailed instructions on the PDF eXpress service are available at
    PDF eXpress is NOT the final destination for your manuscript.  You must submit your manuscript to the Guest Editor following the next step.

  • Submit the Xplore-compatible PDF file and the IEEE Copyright Form
    Log on to this web site and follow the menu "My Submissions" to the abstract submission page.  You will see both links for uploading your manuscript and submitting the copyright form electronically.  Follow the instructions on the web site to complete both tasks. Your PDF file will be checked for Xplore-compatibility.  Non-Xplore-compatible files will not be included in the CD.

The deadline for the Conference Record manuscript submission is Nov. 21

All manuscripts submitted through the conference web site will be made available immediately at the "Conference Record" web link.  However, only those that meet the following requirements will be included in the CD-ROM:

1.  Paper (oral or poster) has been presented at the conference;
2.  Manuscript conforms to the page layout requirements specified in the online templates;
3.  PDF file is IEEE Xplore-compatible;
4.  PDF file and the electronic copyright form are received no later than the Nov. 21 deadline;

For further information regarding the Conference Record, contact:

Guest Editor for the Conference Record
Klaus-Peter Ziock
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Phone: +1 865 574 0272

Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS)

Instructions for authors of papers in Nuclear Science Symposium/Medical Imaging Conference

Additionally, papers presented at the conference that contain important information of lasting value may be submitted for review and publication in the Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS). The TNS is a premier peer-reviewed journal with a significant distribution within the nuclear science and medical imaging communities. TNS is not the conference record and only those papers that pass the review process and are in the fields of interest to TNS will be published. Prospective authors should consult the TNS page at for a description of the publication. TNS discourages the submission of progress reports and manuscripts that are more suitable for distribution as an institution’s internal document. We expect each manuscript to be cast in the context of the state of the art of its field (including appropriate motivation for the work), present a complete description of the work performed, and to present a set of conclusions supported by the measured and/or calculated data. The paper should be sufficiently complete that others with comparable equipment could repeat the work.

Authors submitting to TNS should expect to be solicited to serve as reviewers of other papers. Please accept as many solicitations as you are able to handle and remember to return your reviews in a timely fashion. TNS tries to find at least two reviewers for each paper and the speed of the review process ultimately depends on your cooperation. TNS relies on this most important professional service you, the authors, provide to the community.

TNS is published throughout the year, and you can submit your manuscript to TNS at any time. For instructions on TNS manuscript submissions, please visit the IEEE’s on-line peer review system Manuscript Central™ ( TNS suggests that authors limit their papers to 8 pages, but that limit is quite flexible and exceptions can be made.

For further information regarding the Transactions on Nuclear Science, contact:

TNS Editor in Chief
Paul Dressendorfer
Sandia National Laboratories (retired)

TNS Senior Editors
Radiation Instrumentation (NSS & RTSD)>Nuclear Medical and Imaging Sciences (MIC)
Zane Bell
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Joel Karp
University of Pennsylvania Health System

Transactions on Medical Imaging (TMI)

Authors of medical imaging papers may alternatively choose to submit their manuscripts to the IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging through Manuscript Central™ ( For further information regarding the IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, contact:

TMI Editor in Chief
Milan Sonka
Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging
3016B SC, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242 USA

Comparison of Requirements

The value of the Conference Record is chiefly accrued by the immediate and timely release of the information, which excludes the possibility of peer-review for manuscript content. It is possible that a similar (or even the same) article can be submitted to both the Conference Record and the TNS. However, the authors must keep in mind that the content of the articles designated for TNS publication must meet the level of scrutiny by scientific review, and publication is not guaranteed for the TNS submission.  The CR and TNS are two separate publications.  Submission to one does not imply submission to the other.

  Conference Record (CR) Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS)
Page layout Same as TNS, but without running headers and footers Standard IEEE Transactions and Journal format
Copyright form Required, electronic submission Required, electronic submission
Deadline Nov. 21, 2010 No
Peer reviewed No Yes
Color figures Free and encouraged At author's expense for printed version, free for online version
Page Limit 8 (suggested) 8 (suggested)
Availability Online immediately, CD out at end of 2010 to all attendees Published throughout the year
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