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    Power Electronics Specialist Conference

    PELS sponsors the IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference, an annual international conference (alternating each year between North or South America, and Asia or Europe) that provides a forum for research results that advance fundamentals and principles of power electronics technologies. PESC includes technical sessions, tutorials, and informal discussion sessions. Topics cover design, control, analysis, modeling, and simulation of power electronic systems, converters, motor drives and components, semiconductor devices and technologies, magnetic devices and materials, capacitors and other energy storage elements, emerging power electronics technologies, and all other aspects of the field.

    IEEE_PESC Guide: planning and operation

    Year Dates Location
    PESC 2008 June 15 - 19 Rhodes, Greece
    PESC 2007 June 17-21 Orlando, Florida
    PESC 2006 June 18-22 Jeju, South Korea
    PESC 2005 June 12-18 Recife, Brazil
    PESC 2004 June 20-26 Aachen, Germany
    PESC 2003 June 15-19 Acapulco, Mexico
    PESC 2002 June 24-27 Cairns, Queensland, Australia
    PESC 2001 June 17-22 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    PESC 2000 June 18-23 Galway, Ireland
    PESC 1999 June 27-July 1 Charleston, South Carolina, USA
    PESC 1998 May 17-22 Fukuoka, Japan
    PESC 1997 June 22-27 St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    PESC 1996 June 23-27 Baveno, Italy