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Electronic Transformers Technical Committee


The current chair is listed as a member of the Administrative Committee


To advance the level of understanding of electronics transformers, their component materials and other related magnetic devices and apparatus.


  • Sponsors tutorials, short courses, sessions at conferences and workshops on issues related to electronics transformers and other magnetic apparatus
  • Publishes papers, special issues of the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, bibliographies and PELS NEWSLETTER articles on electronics transformers
  • Sponsors standards for electronics transformers, their component materials and other magnetic devices.
  • Forms adhoc subcommittees to address particular technical opportunities as they arise.
  • Produces an annual report each January 1, tracing the work of the committee during the previous year, work in progress, goals for the new year and a current committee roster.
  • Prepares an interim report in June describing progress against goals and gives AdCom members an opportunity to discuss and comment on the committee's activities.

The ETTC generally meets twice a year, once in the spring, usually in conjunction with the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) and once in the fall, usually in conjunction with the Electrical manufacturing & Coil Winding Association conference (EMCWA). These meetings are used to review progress in the development of new or revision of existing of IEEE standards maintained by the ETTC. Topical subjects in the area of magnetic devices are also discussed to determine if new standards, guides or recommended practices are needed.


The ETTC meetings are open to anyone with a genuine interest in the design, manufacturing or the application of electronics transformers or other related magnetic devices. Active membership (voting membership) is governed by the guidelines of the ETTC Operating Manual and of the PELS operation handbook.