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The Austin and San Antonio Power and Engineering Society (PES) chapter are two organizations that serve the needs of power engineers in central Texas. All IEEE Members within central Texas are automatically assigned to the Central Texas Section (CTS), a geographical unit of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Upon application, IEEE members may also become members of the Power and Energy Society, a technical unit of IEEE. PES members who are also CTS members are automatically assigned to both the PES Austin and San Antonio Chapters.

These two PES chapters in central Texas have been established to provide more personal service to IEEE power and energy members in and near the greater Austin and San Antonio areas. IEEE PES members elect Chapter Committee members who are familiar with their specific cities and thus who are likely to provide better support for nearby members. All members of PES within central texas, however, are free to and encouraged to participate in the activities of both chapters.

The organization diagram below shows the relationship between IEEE International and the PES chapters in Austin and San Antonio. More information on each organizational element may be found by clicking on the links in the tool bars above or the organization chart below and visiting the chapter Websites..

IEEE International
Board of Directors

Members and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board
Technical Activities Board

Division VII

Power and Energy Society

MGA Region 5
Southwestern USA

PES Region 5
Southwestern USS

Central Texas Section
PES Chapters
in CO, and TX

CTS PES Austin Chapter
CTS PES San Antonio Chapter


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