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Product Safety Engineering Society

The IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society focuses on the theory, design, development and practical implementation of product safety engineering methodologies and techniques for equipment and devices. This includes the study and application of analysis, techniques, construction topologies, testing methodologies, conformity assessments and hazard evaluations. The Society provides a focus for cooperative activities, including the promotion of product safety engineering for the benefit of humanity.


This society targets design professionals and design engineers interested in electrical product safety. The IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society addresses safety engineering for equipment and devices used in the scientific, engineering, industrial, commercial and residential arenas. It allows engineers and other technical professionals an opportunity to discuss and disseminate technical information, to enhance professional skills, and to provide outreach to engineers, students and others with an interest in the field.





The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority. IEEE has been monitoring the developing COVID-19 pandemic (Coronavirus). The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to be a pandemic, many governments have enacted travel bans and numerous state and local governments are prohibiting large or even moderately-sized public gatherings.  After studying and evaluating the announcements, guidance, and news released by relevant national departments, we are sorry to announce that the in-person gathering of SPCE 2020, scheduled to be held November 16-17, 2020 in Portland, Oregon has been cancelled. 


We are thrilled to announce that the SPCE 2020 organizing committee has been working diligently to develop an on-demand virtual meeting platform to take the place of the face-to-face meeting. The launch date for SPCE 2020 Virtual will be November 16, 2020.


Through the online platform, attendees will be able to watch all author presentations live as well as have the ability to ask questions and answers directly through a dialogue box on-Demand. All questions will be emailed to each presenting author directly and you will be able to interact through email to converse about your questions.

Please note that virtual author instructions as well as updated virtual registration pricing will be sent out shortly!





Important dates:

July 1, 2020: Initial Paper/Presentation Deadline 
August 20, 2020: Notification Deadline  
October 10, 2020: Final Paper/Presentation Deadline




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