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Welcome to the Product Compliance
Virtual Chapter

Our Mission

To enhance professional skills by providing education, networking and leadership opportunities to IEEE PSES members, especially those that do not have local chapters nearby.

Our Vision

• Increase involvement among PSES members by providing a forum where they can share, inform, educate and bring value to the engineering community.
• Provide a forum where the compliance community can benefit from the accumulated knowledge of the society.
• Assist local chapters by providing material they can cover, when they cannot secure a speaker.

Chapter Overview


Members of local chapters may join our activities and our chapter

  • Members of the virtual chapter receive copy of the slides


4 ways of getting involved, in order of associated workload

  • Chapter Member - join the live/recorded versions
  • Presenter - in addition to joining the live presentations, this person would be willing to become a presenter at one of our meetings
  • Core Team Member - part of the organizing committee
  • Executive Board - nominated to the executive board.
  • Technology Corner

Volunteering and Job Opportunities


Different participation levels

  • To become a member, contact the VP of Member Services Bansi Patel
  • If you are interested in becoming a presenter for one of the sessions or in becoming a member of the core team, contact chair Yike Hu


Job Opportunities

  • If you have job opportunities you would like us to advertise, contact Mariel Acosta