2000 International Symposium on Micromechatronics and Human Science
Oct. 22-25, 2000
Nagoya Congress Center
- Creation of New Technology for the 21st Century -

Final Program

Cosponsored by

City of Nagoya, Nagoya Urban Industries Promotion Corporation, The Chubu Industrial Advancement Center, Nagoya University,
Chubu Science & Technology Center, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers , Robotics Society of Japan, Society of Instrument and
Control Engineers, IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, Research Committee on
Micromechatronics, Technical Committee on Micro-Mechanisms of Japan Society of Precision Engineering

in Cooperation with
Chubu Bureau of International Trade & Industry of MITI, Micromachine Center, Federation of Micromachine Technologies, Aichi
Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Mie Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry,
Chubu Economic Federation, Nagoya Junior Chamber

October 23 (Mon.)

10:00-10:30 Opening Ceremony
Keynote Lecture Conference Room 1
10:30-12:00 Development of Super Micro Devices for Medical Applications
Masayuki Akiyama, Seiko Epson, Japan

12:00-13:00 Lunch

Plenary Lectures Conference Room 1
13:00-13:50 Micro-Assembly for Top-Down Nanotechnology
George Skidmore, Zyvex, USA

13:50-14:40 European Programs for Mst/Mems - Nexus & Europractice Programs - European Success Stories
Gaetan Menozzi, MEMSCAP, France

14:40-15:10 Coffee Break

Plenary Lectures Conference Room 1
15:10-16:00 Laser Micro-Fabrication / Manipulation of Dielectric Materials
Hiroaki Misawa, The University of Tokushima, Japan

16:00-16:50 Micro SMA Actuator and Motion Control
Katsutoshi Kuribayashi, Yamaguchi University, Japan

17:00-19:00 Reception Party Pastel

October 24 (Tue.)

Technical Sessions
Session A-1: Microfabrication, Material, and Property I Conference Room 1
9:20-9:40 Improvement of Accuracy in Laser Photolithography for Producing Micro Part by the
Addition of Unidirectional Whisker
T. Nakamoto, T. Obata, Nagoya University, Japan, K. Yamaguchi

9:40-10:00 Physical Processes in Micromachining of Silicon by Laser--jet
Y. P. Kathuria, Laser X Co., Ltd., Japan

10:00-10:20 Deep X-ray Exposure System with Multistage for 3-D Microfabrication
H. You, N. Matsuzuka, T. Yamaji and O. Tabata, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Session A-2: Microrobots Conference Room 2
9:20-9:40 Control Circuit in an In-Pipe Wireless Micro Inspection Robot
K. Tsuruta, T. Sasaya, T. Shibata and N. Kawahara, Denso Corporation, Japan

9:40-10:00 Spiral-Type Micro Machine for Medical Applications
K. Ishiyama, K. I. Arai, M. Sendoh and A. Yamazaki, Tohoku University, Japan

10:00-10:20 Developing Khepera Robot Applications in a Webots Environment
L. Wang, National University of Singapore, Singapore

10:20-10:40 Coffee Break

Technical Sessions
Session B-1: Microfabrication, Material, and Property II Conference Room 1
10:40-11:00 Improvement of Ultra-fine Piercing by Vacuum System
T. Mori, K. Hirota, and D. Tokumoto, Nagoya University, Japan

11:00-11:20 Micro Connectors Fabricated by Micro Process Technology
M. M. I. Bhuiyan, T. Unno, Y. Yokoyama, T. Toriyama and S. Sugiyama, Ritsumeikan
University, Japan

11:20-11:40 Effects of Etching Pressure and Aperture Width in Etching of Si with XeF2
K. Sugano and O. Tabata, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

11:40-12:00 Rounding Etch-profiles by Using 2-steps of Anisotropic Wet Etching
M. Shikida, M. Kato, and K. Sato, Nagoya University, Japan

12:00-12:20 Micromachining of Semiconductors with the Confined Etchant Layer Technique
J. Sun, H. Huang, L. Jiang, Z. Tian and Z. Tian, Xiamen University, P. R. China,
X. Ye, Z. Zhou, T. Zhang and L. Sun

Technical Sessions
Session B-2: Measurement and System Control Conference Room 2
10:40-11:00 Torsion and Strain Analysis of Left Ventricular Wall at Ejection Period by Using Optical-Flow
K. Yagi, Tokyo Metropolitan University of Health Sciences, Japan, Y. Sawaki, T.
Inaba, M. Tokuda, K. Sekioka and A. Yamamoto

11:00-11:20 Vibration Transmission of an USM Rotor Observed by Phase-Shift Interferometry
T. Yamamoto, A. Torii and A. Ueda, Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan, K. Hane,

11:20-11:40 Coherent Detection Circuit for High Precision Encoders
M. Mizoguchi, T. Matsukawa and K. Takeuchi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.,
Japan, T. Fukuda

11:40-12:00 Safety Evaluation Method of Human-Care Robot Control
M. Nokata, K. Ikuta and H. Ishii, Nagoya University, Japan

12:00-12:20 Stochastic Off-Line and On-Line Programming Application to Robotics Control Design
A. Khoukhi, Institut d'Informatique USTHB BP, Algeria

12:20-13:30 Lunch

13:30-14:10 Explanation of Exhibit Conference Room 1

14:10-14:30 Coffee Break

Technical Sessions
Session C-1: Micro/nano-manipulation and Control Conference Room 1
14:30-14:50 Flexible Microrobots for Micro Assembly Tasks
H. Worn, Universitat Karlsruhe (TH), Germany

14:50-15:10 Flexible Micro-Processing by Multiple Miniature Robots in SEM Vacuum Chamber
O. Fuchiwaki and H. Aoyama, University of Electro-Communications, Japan

15:10-15:30 3D Nanorobotic Manipulation of Nano-Order Objects Inside SEM
L. X. Dong, F. Arai and T. Fukuda, Nagoya University, Japan

15:30-15:50 A Magnetic Suspension Parallel Motion Hand and its Application to Micro Processes
T. Nakamura, K. Shimamura and T. Ando, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

15:50-16:10 Development of a Macro/Micro Mechanism for Human Scale Teleoperating System
S. Guo, K. Sugimoto and S. Hata, Kagawa University, Japan

Technical Sessions
Session C-2: Microcomponents and Microdevices I Conference Room 2
14:30-14:50 SMA Micro Pumps and Switching Valves for Biochemical IC Family
T. Hasegawa, K. Ikuta and T. Adachi, Nagoya University, Japan

14:50-15:10 Analysis of Piezoresistive Effect in N-Type -SiC by Means of Electron Transport and
Deformation Potential Theory
T. Toriyama and S. Sugiyama, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

15:10-15:30 Development of a New Type Tactile Sensor Using Planar Micro Electromagnetic Coil for
Human Robot
X. Ding, K. Kuribayashi and T. Hashiba, Yamaguchi University, Japan

15:30-15:50 Artificial Larynx Using PZT Ceramics Vibrator as a Sound Source (The Characteristic
Improvement of PZT Ceramics Vibrator)
K. Ooe, T. Fukuda and F. Arai, Nagoya University, Japan

15:50-16:10 Microknife Using the Ultrasonic Vibration
T. Amano, F. Arai, T. Fukuda and K. Satoh, Nagoya University, Japan

16:10-16:30 Coffee Break

Technical Sessions
Session D-1: Micro/nano-positioning Conference Room 1
16:30-16:50 Three-Dimensional Acoustic Micromanipulation Using Four Ultrasonic Transducers
T. Kozuka, T. Tuziuti and H. Mitome, National Industrial Research Institute of
Nagoya, Japan, T. Fukuda and F. Arai

16:50-17:10 Miniature Robots with Three Degrees of Freedom
T. Koyanagi, A. Torii and A. Ueda, Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan

17:10-17:30 Micropositioners for Microscopy Applications based on the Stick-Slip Effect
A. Bergander, J. M. Breguet, C. Schmitt and R. Clavel, Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Session D-2: Microcomponents and Microdevices II Conference Room 2
16:30-16:50 Proposal of Braid-Shape Polymer Actuator
H. Ishihara, Kagawa University, Japan, and T. Fukuda

16:50-17:10 Electrostatic Actuator with Novel Shaped Cantilever
Y. Hirai, Y. Marushima, S. Soba, T. Jin, H. Kawata and Y. Tanaka, Osaka Prefecture
University, Japan, K. Inoue

17:10-17:30 An Electrostatic Micro Actuator for Hard Disk Drive Application
T. Iizuka, T. Oba and H. Fujita, The University of Tokyo, Japan

17:30-17:50 Fabrication of Self-Supporting Poly-Si Thermopile
M. Yajima, K. Fukumasu, T. Toriyama, S. Konishi and S. Sugiyama, Ritsumeikan
University, Japan

18:00-19:00 Beer Party Cascade

October 25 (Wed.)

10:00- Laboratory Tour
Nagoya University
1, Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya

October 22 (Sun.)
International Micro Robot Maze Contest
Location: Nagoya Congress Center

Conference Room 234
13:00-13:15 Opening Ceremony
13:15-15:15 Preliminaries Category 0: Teleoperated Micro Racer
Category 1: Teleoperated Mountain Climbing Micro Robots
Category 2: Wireless Autonomous Mobile Robots
15:15-15:45 Coffee Break
15:45-17:00 Finals Category 0: Teleoperated Micro Racer
Category 1: Teleoperated Mountain Climbing Micro Robots
Category 2: Wireless Autonomous Mobile Robots
17:00-17:40 Closing

Symposium Information

Exhibition :Micromechatronics Display (October 23rd and 24th at Exhibition Rooms in Nagoya Congress Center )

Language :English (simultaneous interpretation is available on October 23rd)

Registration Fee :20,000 yen includes Proceedings and others (10,000 yen for students)
(Free for the Opening Ceremony and Keynote Lecture of the morning, October23rd,
Free for the Maze contest, October 22nd)

Conference Site :Nagoya Congress Center, Conference Room 233, 234
1-1, Atsuta-nishimachi, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya 456-0036, Japan Tel: +81-52-683-7711
[Take subway Meijo Line (for Nagoyako), get off at "Hibino" Station, or
take subway Meijo Line (for Aratamabashi), get off at "Nishi Takakura" Station.

For registration, please contact:
The Chubu Industrial Advancement Center
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For information regarding the Symposium, please contact:
Secretariat, MHS2000
c/o Inter Group Corporation
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For information regarding International Micro Robot Maze Contest, please contact:
Hidenori Ishihara, Kagawa University
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Yasuhisa Hasegawa, Nagoya University
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General Chair, MHS2000:
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