type session name paper no. title authors institution1 institution2 institution 3 institution 4

8:30AM Psychophysics

Plen Psychophysics 58 Discrimination of Real and Virtual High-Definition Textured Surfaces Hong Tan, Bernard Adelstein, Ryan Traylor, Matthew Kocsis, Dan Hirleman Purdue University

Plen Psychophysics 93 Evaluating the Role of Force Feedback for Biomanipulation Tasks Anand Pillarisetti, Maxim Pekarev, Ari Brooks, Jaydev Desai Drexel University

Plen Psychophysics 31 Assessing the Fidelity of Haptically Rendered Deformable Objects Peter Leskovsky, Matthias Harders, Gabor Szekely Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Plen Psychophysics 10 Determining the Feasibility of Forearm Mounted Vibrotactile Displays Ian Oakley, Yeongmi Kim, Junhun Lee, Jeha Ryu Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Plen Psychophysics 53 A Psychophysically Motivated Compression Approach for 3D Haptic Data Peter Hinterseer, Eckehart Steinbach Technische Universitaet Muenchen

Plen Psychophysics 100 Force Feedback in a Three-Dimensional Ultrasound-Guided Surgical Task Christopher Wagner, Nikolay Vasilyev, Douglas Perrin, Pedro del Nido, Robert Howe Harvard University Children's Hospital

10:00AM Coffee Break

10:30 Hardware/Actuation I

Plen Hardware I 40 Two-dimensional Active Type Surface Acoustic Wave Tactile Display On A Computer Screen Masaya Takasaki, Hiroyuki Kotani, Takaaki Nara, Takeshi Mizuno Saitama University University of Tokyo

Plen Hardware I 103 Controlling the Perceived Vibrational Frequency and Amplitude of a Voice-Coil-Type Tactor Mastaka Niwa, Haruo Noma, Yasuyuki Yanagida, Robert Lindeman, Kenichi Hosaka Osaka Institute of Technology ATR Media Information Science Labs Meijo University Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Plen Hardware I 44 Two-dimensional Scanning Tactile Display using Ultrasound Radiation Pressure Takayuki Iwamoto, Hiroyuki Shinoda The University of Tokyo

Plen Hardware I 72 A Shear Stress Sensing for Robot-Hands -Orthogonal arrayed Piezoresistive Cantilevers standing in Elastic Material- Kentaro Noda, Isao Shimoyama The University of Tokyo

Plen Hardware I 88 Compact, Portable, Modular, High-performance Distributed actile Display Device Based on Lateral Skin Deformation Qi Wang, Vincent Hayward McGill University

Plen Hardware I 49 Initial Results using Eddy Current Brakes as Fast Turn-On, Programmable Physical Dampers For Haptic Rendering Gianni Campion, Andrew H. Gosline, Vincent Hayward McGill University

12:00 Lunch Break

2:00 Hardware/Actuation II

Plen Hardware II 94 Unwarping Encoder Ripple in Low Cost Haptic Interfaces Dale Lawrence, Lucy Pao, Sutha Aphanuphong University of Colorado

Plen Hardware II 50 A Network-ready Multi-lateral High Fidelity Haptic Probe Hsin-Yun Yao, Vincent Hayward McGill University

Plen Hardware II 89 Harness Design for Two-Axis Torso Haptics David Grow, John Hollerbach University of Utah

Plen Hardware II 25 A Sensitive Skin Based on Touch-Area-Evaluating Tactile Elements Takayuki Hoshi, Hiroyuki Shinoda The University of Tokyo

Plen Hardware II 82 Design and Development of a General Purpose 7 DOF Haptic Device Gregory Tholey, Jaydev Desai Drexel University

Plen Hardware II 29 Control and Performance of the Rotational-to-linear Cobotic Transmission Eric L. Faulring, J. Edward Colgate, Michael A. Peshkin Northwestern University

3:30 Coffee Break

4:00 Control/Dynamics/Biomechanics I

Plen Control/Dynamics/Biomechanics 7 Effect of Hand Dynamics on Virtual Fixtures for Compliant Human-Machine Interfaces Panadda Marayong, Greg Hager, Allison Okamura Johns Hopkins University

Plen Control/Dynamics/Biomechanics 91 Event-Based Haptics with Grip Compensation Jonathan Fiene, Katherine Kuchenbecker, Gunter Niemeyer Stanford University

Plen Control/Dynamics/Biomechanics 57 Measuring Fingertip Forces by Imaging the Fingernail Yu Sun, John Hollerbach, Stephen Mascaro University of Utah

Plen Control/Dynamics/Biomechanics 66 Material Property Recognition by Active Tapping for Fingertip Digitizing Young-Seok Kim, Thenkurussi Kesavadas University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Plen Control/Dynamics/Biomechanics 20 The sampling position within, not the undulating geometry of, fingertip skin microstructure may amplify the sensation of edges Gregory Gerling University of Virginia

Plen Control/Dynamics/Biomechanics 102 Adaptation of Haptic Interfaces for a LabVIEW-based System Dynamics Course Kevin Bowen, Marcia O'Malley Rice University

5:30 Adjourn for the evening

6:30 PM Board Buses for Banquet

7:30 PM Banquet

9:30 PM Buses return to Hilton


8:30AM Control/Dynamics/Biomechanics II

Plen Control/Dynamics II 42 Stabilization Through Gyration: A Wave Variable Approach to High Frequency Force Feedback in Telerbotics Neal Tanner, Gunter Niemeyer Stanford University

Plen Control/Dynamics II 65 The Role of Prototyping Tools for Haptic Behavior Design Colin Swindells, Evgeny Maksakov, Karon E. MacLean, Victor Chung University of British Columbia University of Toronto

Plen Control/Dynamics II 80 Pseudo-admittance Bilateral Telemanipulation with Guidance Virtual Fixtures Jake J. Abbott, Allison M. Okamura Johns Hopkins University

Plen Control/Dynamics II 108 Sensor Modeling in Parallel Force Feedback Haptic Interfaces Nicholas Bernstein, Dale Lawrence, Lucy Pao University of Colorado at Boulde

Plen Control/Dynamics II 97 Wave Haptics: Providing Stiff Coupling to Virtual Environments Nicola Diolaiti, Gunter Niemeyer Stanford University University of Bologna

Plen Control/Dynamics II 109 Performance/Stability Robustness Tradeoffs Induced by the Two-port Virtual Coupler Paul Griffiths, Brent Gillespie, Jim Freudenberg University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

10:00 AM Coffee Break and Posters

12:00 Lunch

2:00 Rendering/Modeling/Applications

Plen Rendering/Modeling/Applications 55 Visual and Haptic Simulation of Linear Viscoelastic Tissue Behavior Based on Experimental Data Mert Sedef, Evren Samur, Cagatay Basdogan Koc University

Plen Rendering/Modeling/Applications 33 Impulse Response Deformation Model: an Approach to Haptic Interaction with Dynamically Deformable Object Kazuyoshi Tagawa, Koichi Hirota, Michitaka Hirose University of Tokyo

Plen Rendering/Modeling/Applications 85 A Limit-Curve Based Soft Finger god-object Algorithm Antonio Frisoli, Federico Barbagli, Emanuele Ruffaldi, Kenneth Salisbury, Massimo Bergamasco PERCRO, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa Stanford University

Plen Rendering/Modeling/Applications 107 Standardized Evaluation of Haptic Rendering Systems Emanuele Ruffaldi, Dan Morris, Timothy Edmunds, Federico Barbagli, Dinesh Pai Scuola Superiore S. Anna Stanford University Rutgers University

Plen Rendering/Modeling/Applications 87 Energy-Field Optimization and Haptic-Based Molecular Docking and Assembly Search System for Computer-Aided Molecular Design (CAMD) Yuan-Shin Lee, Susana Lai-Yuen North Carolina State University University of South Florida

Plen Rendering/Modeling/Applications 92 Haptic Rendering in a Simulated Surgical Training Environment Paul Marshall, Shahram Payandeh, John Dill Simon Fraser University

3:30 Adjourn

Poster and Demonstration Papers

Post applications 3 Haptic-Guided Hole Filling For Reverse Engineering Xuejian He, Yonghua Chen Hong Kong University

Post applications 4 A Haptic Virtual Turning Operation System Xuejian He, Yonghua Chen Hong Kong University

Post applications 5 3D Stereo Viewing Evaluation for the Virtual Haptic Back Project Wei Ji, Bob Williams, John Howell, Bob Conatser Ohio University

Post applications 8 Superiority of In-situ Ultrasound Visualization for Medical Intervention when Action Varies Roberta Klatzky, Bing Wu, Damion Shelton, George Stetten Carnegie Mellon University

Post applications 15 In situ Measurement of Cadaveric Soft Tissue Mechanical Properties and Fulcrum Forces for Use in Physics-Based Surgical Simulation Yi-Je Lim, Suvranu De, Daniel Jones, Tejinder Singh Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Albany Medical College

Post applications 26 Towards Complete Angioplasty Simulation - Discussion on Design Parameters Affecting Haptic Perception Vasfi Emre Omurlu Yildiz Technical University

Post applications 35 Haptic-Based Biometrics: A Feasibility Study Yednek Asfaw, Mauricio Orozco, Shervin Shirmohammadi, Andy Adler, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik University of Ottawa

Post applications 45 Microfabricated Instruments for Fetal Cardiac Surgery: Experiments on Haptic Tissue Recognition Anna Eisinberg, Oliver Tonet, Giovanna Macrì, Maria Chiara Carrozza, Paolo Dario Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Post applications 56 Tandem Canoeing over the Internet using Haptic Feedback Jonathan Tang, Craig Carignan, A. Pontus Olsson Georgetown University Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Post applications 69 Haptically Annotated Movies: Reaching Out and Touching the Silver Screen Derek Gaw, Daniel Morris, Kenneth Salisbury Stanford University

Post applications 75 The Application of a Haptic Interface on Microassembly Caspar van Strijp, Hans Langen, Masahiko Onosato Delft University of Technology Hokkaido University

Post control/dynamics/biomechanics 14 Discrete Bilateral Control of Teleoperation Systems through State Convergence José Azorin, José Sabater, Nicolas Garcia, Rafael Aracil, Manuel Ferre, Jordi Barrio Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Post control/dynamics/biomechanics 52 Realization of human skin-like texture by emulating surface shape pattern and elastic structure Hirokazu Shirado, Yoshimune Nonomura, Takashi Maeno Keio university Kao corporation

Post control/dynamics/biomechanics 60 Mechanical Responses of the Fingerpad and Distal Phalanx to Friction of a Grooved Surface: Effect of the Contact Angle François Martinot, Houzefa Aladine, Melisande Biet, Christophe Chaillou Ecole Polytechnique des Ingenieurs de Lille (Polytech'Lille) Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille (LIFL)

Post control/dynamics/biomechanics 63 Environment Parameter Estimation during Bilateral Telemanipulation Sarthak Misra, Allison Okamura The Johns Hopkins University

Post control/dynamics/biomechanics 83 Sensor/Actuator Asymmetries in Telemanipulators: Implications of Partial Force Feedback Lawton Verner, Allison Okamura Johns Hopkins University

Post control/dynamics/biomechanics 86 Dynamical issues at the low level of the human/virtual object interaction Jean-Loup Florens, Daniela Urma ACROE, French Ministry of Culture ICA laboratory, INPG

Post hardware 23 Portable Haptic Display for Large Immersive Virtual Environments Enkhtuvshin Dorjgotov, Seungmoon Choi, Steven Dunlop, Gary Bertoline Purdue University POSTECH-Pohang University of Science and Technology

Post hardware 30 Demonstration of a Large Dissipative Haptic Environment Vande Weghe, Dellon, Kelly, Juchniewicz, Matsuoka Carnegie Mellon University

Post hardware 34 Mechanical Design of Haptic Forceps for Robotic Surgery Peter Rizun, Dylan Gunn, Brian Cox, Garnette Sutherland University of Calgary University of British Columbia

Post hardware 48 The TactaPack: A Wireless Sensor/Actuator Package for Physical Therapy Applications Robert Lindeman, Yasuyuki Yanagida, Kenichi Hosaka, Shinji Abe, Robert Robert Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Meijo University ATR International

Post hardware 51 A Study of Mounting Methods for Tactors Using an Elastic Polymer Haruo Noma, Yasukimi Hashida, Yasuyuki Yanagida, Robert Lindeman, Kenji Susami, Kenichi Hosaka, Yuichiro Kume ATR Meijyo University Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Post hardware 54 Dielectric Elastomer Spring Roll Actuators for A Portable Force Feedback Device Rui Zhang, Andreas Kunz, Patrick Lochmatter, Gabor Kovacs Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research

Post hardware 59 A Wearable Vibrotactile Device for Information Display and Its Applications Changhoon Seo, Hyunho Kim, Beom-chan Lee, Ian Oakley, Jeha Ryu Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Post hardware 68 Development of a High-resolution Surface Type Haptic interface for Rigidity Distribution Rendering Hiroaki Yano, Keita Komine, Hiroo Iwata University of Tsukuba

Post hardware 70 Haptic Manipulation of Microspheres Using Optical Tweezers Ibrahim Bukusoglu, Cagatay Basdogan, Alper Kiraz, Adnan Kurt Koc University

Post hardware 74 Free Hand Haptic Interfaces Based on Magnetorheological Fluids Nicola Sgambelluri, Rocco Rizzo, Enzo Pasquale Scilingo, Marco Raugi, Antonio Bicchi University of Pisa

Post hardware 78 Fingertip Vibratory Transducer for Detecting Optical Edges using Regenerative Feedback Kimberly Zawrotny, Apryle Craig, Roberta Klatzky, George Stetten University of Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon University

Post hardware 101 Performance Enhancement of a Haptic Arm Exoskeleton Alan Sledd, Marcia O'Malley Rice University

Post psychophysics 6 Tactual Frequency and Amplitude Discrimination with Fixed and Roving Background Ali Israr, Hong Z. Tan, Charlotte M. Reed Purdue University Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Post psychophysics 22 Psychophysics and perceiving granularity Franziska K. B. Freyberger, Berthold Faerber University of the Bundeswehr Munich

Post psychophysics 32 Inverse Piano Technique: a New Tool to Study Finger Interdependence Kyle Budgeon, Mark Latash, Zong-Ming Li, Vladimir Zatsiorsky Pennsylvania State University

Post psychophysics 39 Analysis of Spatially Constrained Reaching Movements in Haptic Environments Igor Goncharenko, Mikhail Svinin, Yutaka Kanou, Shigeyuki Hosoe 3D Incorporated Bio-Mimetic Control Research Center, RIKEN

Post psychophysics 61 Effects of haptic feedback on exploration Mengnan (Mary) Wu, Allison Okamura Johns Hopkins University

Post psychophysics 62 Vibrotactile Targeting in Multimodal Systems: Accuracy and Interaction Roger Cholewiak, Christopher McGrath Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory

Post psychophysics 71 Does the Stiffness of the Tapped Object Play a Role in Tapping? Damien Couroussé, Jean-Loup Florens, Annie Luciani ACROE-ICA Laboratory

Post psychophysics 76 Evaluation of Human Sensibility on Perceived Texture under Variation of Vibrotactile Stimuli using a Tactile Display System Seung-Chan Kim, Ki-Uk Kyung, Jin-Hun Sohn, Dong-Soo Kwon KAIST

Post psychophysics 90 Perceptual Analysis of Haptic Icons: An Investigation into the Validity of Cluster Sorted MDS Jerome Pasquero, Joseph Luk, Shannon Little, Karon Maclean McGill University University of British Columbia

Post psychophysics 98 Towards Effective Information Display Using Vibrotactile Apparent Motion Luv Kohli, Masataka Niwa, Haruo Noma, Kenji Susami, Yasuyuki Yanagida, Robert W. Lindeman, Kenichi Hosaka, Yuichiro Kume The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ATR International Meijo University

Post psychophysics 104 Haptic Attributes and Human Motor Skills Govindarajan Srimathveeravalli, Venkatraghavan Gourishankar, Kesavadas Thenkurussi State University of New York at Buffalo

Post rendering/modeling 9 Thermal Model for Hand-Object Interactions Hsin-Ni Ho, Lynette Jones Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Post rendering/modeling 13 Stochastic and Deterministic Models for Haptic Pseudo-Textures Tuncer Aysal, Kenneth Barner University of Delaware

Post rendering/modeling 16 Modeling and Testing of Human Dynamics for Man-Machine Systems Lawrence Tognetti, Wayne Book Georgia Institute of Technology

Post rendering/modeling 17 Physics-based s-Adaptive Haptic Simulation for Deformable Object Seongki, Maenghyo, Jinbok Seoul National University

Post rendering/modeling 19 A Virtual Reality Toolkit for Path Planning and Manipulation at Nano-scale Aydin Varol, Ihsan Gunev, Cagatay Basdogan Koc University

Post rendering/modeling 24 Low-Force Kinesthetic Guidance For Accurate Positioning and Tracking Ryo Kikuuwe, Takahiro Yamamoto, Hideo Fujimoto Nagoya Institute of Technology

Post rendering/modeling 28 A Displacement Driven Real-Time Deformable Model For Haptic Surgery Simulation Pei Chen, Kenneth Barner, Karl Steiner University of Delaware

Post rendering/modeling 36 An experimental implementation of networked multi-threaded haptic virtual environment applied to educational science encyclopedia using high speed network M. Osama Alhalabi, Vytautas Daniulaitis, Haruhisa Kawasaki, Mouri Tetsuya, Yoshio Ohtuka Gifu University

Post rendering/modeling 37 The Effect of Prediction on Collaborative Haptic Applications Azzedine Boukerche, Shervin Shirmohammadi, Abu Hossein University of Ottawa

Post rendering/modeling 38 Haptic Force Shading Parameter Effects on Path Tracing Accuracy Youngung Shon, Sara McMains University of California at Berkeley

Post rendering/modeling 64 The Proxy Chain Algorithm and Its Application to Scientific Visualization Milan Ikits, Charles Hansen University of Utah

Post rendering/modeling 79 Geometric Properties of Contacts Involving a Deformable Object Qi Luo, Jing Xiao University of North Carolina at Charlotte