ICAR 2001

10th International Conference on Advanced Robotics 2001

The fundamentals: from present to tomorrow

August 22-25, 2001
Hotel Mercure Buda
Budapest, Hungary

Sponsored by

IEEE Hungary Section
Budapest Polytechnic, Hungary
Hungarian Robotics Association

In technical co-operation with

IEEE Robotics & Automation Society

Topics include but not limited to the following areas:

Manipulator robots, Mobile robots, Microrobots, Redundant robots,
Flexible robots, Multirobot systems,
Sensing and Algorithms for navigation, guidance, control and scene perception,
Computational hardware and software systems,
including task planning and monitoring,
Simulation and virtual reality (computer graphics) systems in robotics,
Human-robot interfaces, interaction and communication,
Applications on Earth and in space,
including underwater, medical, servicing and exploration cases.