Application for Financial Assistance
Application submission is required by the respective date below:
November 15th Joint Technical Committee Meeting
February 15 Substations Committee Meeting
Young Professional
Experienced Contributor

Program FAQ
To all Substations Committee Members and Interested Individuals:

Over the years, the Substations Committee leadership has occasionally received requests from individuals for financial assistance to attend a meeting. We understand that the lack of financial support from an employer or worse, the loss of employment, can significantly impact an individual’s ability to participate in person. We are also aware that many companies are hesitant to commit to long-term support for young professionals looking to begin their involvement with the Substations Committee. As more of our members progress through their careers, it is critical that we find ways to encourage new individuals to take the place of those moving on. To address both situations described above in a fair and equitable manner, the following process has been developed for providing support to individuals in need and for encouraging increased attendance of newer members. The support will be limited to meeting registration fees and/or hotel room for the meeting duration only, while travel costs will not be covered.

To receive assistance, an application must be filled out and submitted prior to the posted deadline. The Substations Committee leadership will review each application and decide whether any of the requests will be granted. These decisions must be based not only on the quality of the application but also on the financial position of the Committee. The Committee reserves the right to refuse all requests, if warranted.

The Substations Committee leadership expects all meeting attendees to make every effort to secure their own funding to attend the meetings. The Committee does not receive external funding, so our ability to assist individuals with meeting expenses is limited. The intent of this application process is to establish a fair method of providing temporary support to the few individuals in need and not to solicit requests for funding from individuals who already have company support.

If you have any questions about this new process, please contact the  Substation Committee officers.