SCE0 - Transmission and Distributions Substations Operations Subcommittee



Subcommittee Profile



Responsible for treatment of all matters relating to safety, operations and location of transmission and distribution substations as to their effect on personnel and the environment of the adjacent community. Special emphasis shall be made to the factors that must be considered in design safety, fire protection (other?) such as aesthetic treatment, overall visual appearance, erosion control, security, and oil spill containment. Audible noise, electromagnetic interference, and electrical interference shall be considered as far as the zoning acceptance is concerned. The intent of all design considerations is to influence the ultimate acceptance of the substation by the community.


Donald E. Wengerter
Wisconsin Public Service
Vice Chair:

Debra Longtin
American Transmission Company

Working Groups:


WGE1 Community Acceptance Working Group (Std 1127)

WGE2 Containment and Control of Oil Spills (Std 980)

WGE3 Substation Fire Protection (Std 979)

WGE4 Temporary Protective Grounding (Std 1246 & 1268)

WGE5 Animal Deterrents (Std 1264)

WGE6 Measuring Grounding Systems (Std 81)

WGE7 Substation Physical Security (Std 1402)

WGE9 Permanent Connections Used in Substations  (Std 837)



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