Name Affiliation Position
Prof Elfed Lewis University of Limerick, IRELAND General Chair
Prof. Gary K. Fedder Carnegie Mellon University, USA Vice Co-Chair
John Vig Chair for 2012 Vice Co-Chair
Prof. Thomas Kenny Stanford University, USA Technical Program Chair
Prof. Reza Ghodssi University of Maryland, USA Technical Program Chair - America
Prof. Perry Ping Shum NTU, SINGAPORE Technical Program Chair - Asia/Oceania
Prof. Anna Mignani CNR Firenze, ITALY Technical Program Chair - Europe/Africa
Prof. Gerald Farrell DIT, IRELAND Tutorial Chair
Prof. Tong Sun London City University, UK Special Sessions Chair
Dr. Thomas Newe University of Limerick, IRELAND Local Organizing Co-Chair
Prof. Colette McDonagh Dublin City University, IRELAND Local Organizing Co-Chair
Dr. Su Taylor Queens University, IRELAND Local Organizing Co-Chair
Joe Brown MEMS, USA Publicity and Commercial Development Chair
Mike McShane IEEE Sensors Council, USA Treasurer
Conference Catalysts LLC USA Conference Management
Alliance Management Group LLC/ USA Abstract Coordination

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