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Volunteer's Presentation Templates

We have prepared several ready to use IEEE presentation templates.

Volunteers may download these presentation templates and customized to your specific requirement.

Notes written in the presentation templates are useful guides to locate updated information online for customization.


  1. Intro to ComSoc
    Its Mission.  Its Benefits.  The Organization …

  2. Join ComSoc and its Benefits
    You can make a difference when you join IEEE ComSoc .... Knowledge, Community, Profession ...

  3. Introduction to ComSoc Chapters
    Local Benefits for members, Local Events, Local ComSoc Chapter Statistics/Chart, Local Contact...

  4. How to use SAMIEEE
    Download Step by Step instruction on How to use SAMIEEE?

  5. AP ComSoc Chapters Membership Statistics and Graphs
    Membership Graphs for 41 AP ComSoc Chapters     

Last Update: March 23, 2015

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