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Welcome to the CT IEEE Signal Processing Society.

This chapter was formed in order to disseminate and promote activities within the technical areas of DSP. Among the functions of the IEEE-SPS are sponsorship of workshops and seminars, as well as provide a platform to share ideas and network with our colleagues. Presentations are given by local experts or visiting lecturers. The signal processing society's areas of interest are the Digital Signal Processing, Adaptive Signal Processing, Digital Filter Design and Implementation, Audio and Speech Processing, Multidimensional Signal Processing, Wavelets, Multirate Signal Processing, Implementation of DSP Algorithms, and DSP Chips and Architectures. I urge you to contact me if you or someone you know would be able to contribute a talk to our technical program.

The most popular IEEE sites!

"MATLAB" Manual available for download

"Mathematica" Manual available for download.

Check periodically and frequently for newly planned events.

Please offer suggestions for future events.

Are you interested in giving a talk to IEEE-SPS?

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