Zonal Electromagnetic Olympiad 2012

Prize Money:
1st Prize: Rs. 30,000.00
2nd Prize: Rs. 20,000.00

Important Dates:
01-15 October 2012

Date of Test (Tier I):
04 November 2012

Time of Test:
01 pm to 04 pm

Registration Fee:
IEEE Members: Rs. 250.00

Non-Members: Rs. 300.00


Call for Test Centres

The IEEE AP-MTT Chapter, Kolkata Section is starting a new initiative to identify and nurture young talents having exceptional talent in electromagnetic theory with ability to create and understand new ideas of electromagnetic. This First edition is a two tier system for selection of 2 talented students from among the participants. The Tier I shall consist of a test of 3 hours duration (1.00 PM to 4.00 PM) containing multiple choice type objective questions. Institutions/ Colleges/ Universities are invited to participate in the Tier I test as Centres.

Nodal Centres: There shall be at least one nodal centre in each of the following regions: (1) Bihar & Jharkhand, (2) North-East India, (3) Odisha & (4) West Bengle. The Chapter Chair has requested volunteers for the following Institutions/ Universities to act as Nodal Centres: (1) Jadavpur University, Kolkata, (2) IRPE, Kolkata, (3) Burdwan University, Burdwan, (4) KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, (5) NIST, Berhampur, (6) BIT, Mesra (Ranchi) & IIT, Guahati.

Each Nodal Centre shall have a Liaison Officer-cum-Centre Superintendent, who will be responsible for management of the Test at the Nodal Centre & other Centres, if any, under it. The Nodal Centre shall take effective steps for sensitizing students about the Olympiad by hosting an announcement in their web-site as well as sending e-mails to nearby institutions from where students can participate. Also, the Nodal Centres shall allow students from other Institutions to register at the Nodal Centre. Students shall submit their forms to the Nodal Centre along with the fee. The fee can be paid either in cash or in the form of a DD drawn in favour of the “Centre Superintendent, Nodal Centre”. It shall collect the Registration Fee from the candidate and send 70% of it in the form of a DD drawn in favour of IEEE Kolkata Section. The rest 30% shall be used by the Nodal Centre for conducting the test, i.e. to meet expenses on invigilation, postage & other contingencies.

If from a particular Institute, there are more than 75 applicants, the Nodal Centre shall contact that Institute and see if it will act as a Centre. 25% of the collected fee for each Centre shall be given to the Centre Superintendent for conduct of the Test. The Nodal Centre shall assign students to each institute willing to act as centre. The process shall start from 16 Oct’12 and completed by 27 Oct’ 12. On 29th Oct’ 12 website of the Chapter (& if possible that of Nodal Centre) shall show the Centres with candidates assigned to them.

Centres: An institution having at least 75 candidates for the test can apply for consideration as a centre. It is not mandatory that all candidates shall be from the Institution recognized as Centre. Candidates from other Institutions can opt to take the Test at a recognized Centre. The Centre shall appoint a superintendent for conducting the Test, who will take complete responsibility of conducting the Test.

Registration for the Olympiad: The candidate has to register with a Centre by submitting an application along with the fee of Rs. 300/= (Rs. 250 for IEEE student members) for the Test.

Admit Card: There shall be no admit card for the Test. For admission to the Test in a Centre, the candidate shall be required to produce his/her valid Student Identity Card along with the Money Receipt issued by the Centre or the Bank.

How to become a (Nodal) Centre: An Institution is required to apply for being recognized by the chapter as a Centre. If a volunteer is applying, then it will be assumed that the volunteer has got due permission from appropriate authorities. Please send your application to:

Er. R. K. Dash
EM Olympiad Secretariat
NIST Berhampur
Palur Hills
e-mail: apmttolympics@gmail.com

Guidelines for Expenses at the Centre for conducting the Test:

Centre Superintendent: Rs. 1000/=, if not volunteering, for every 75 students (Note: If there are 150 students the fee shall be Rs. 2000, but if number of students is 149, the fee shall remain Rs. 1000/=.) Refreshment, Tea, Snacks: Rs. 20/= per head per day for 5 days for 10 persons. No. of persons engaged can be increased proportionately, if the number of candidates is more than 75, with due approval.

For every 25 students or part of it:

1 Invigilator - Rs. 300/=
1 Peon - Rs. 30/=

Contingency : Up to a maximum of Rs. 3750/= for every 75 students (Note: If there are 150 students the contingency shall be Rs. 7500, but if number of students is 149, the contingency shall remain Rs. 3750/=. In such marginal cases, on request of the Centre Superintendent approval may be given to raise the amount appropriately.)