Central Georgia Section of IEEE November Meeting

We hear the terms Productivity and Do More With Less - and to accomplish this we have moved from direct observation and control through Telemetry to something we call SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) - a system built to monitor and control large and widely dispersed systems we commonly refer to as our infrastructure: oil and gas production, pipelines, power generation and transmission, manufacturing, water and waste management and other large scale systems. But these systems were built and deployed, and in many cases are still being built and deployed, without a focus on securing those systems. (What happens when things go dark, there is no gasoline readily available, you lose comms, or you don't have potable water . or worse potable and waste water are intermingled) This talk will give an overview of SCADA tracing its history, look at the threats to and vulnerabilities of these systems (including some highlights of incidents - 75% of surveyed US Utility/Energy companies reported suffering one or more security incidents during a 12 month period), discuss remedies including better monitoring of system activity and network traffic to alert when anomalies are detected and the need for better access control. In discussing access control we will give discuss the use of biometrics as one means of access control.