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Dr. Ron Mahler
   Lockheed Martin, Eagan, MN

A Radical New Paradigm for Multitarget Detection and Tracking

October 30, 2008 :: 12:00 - 1:30 pm


  Traditional multitarget tracking is based on a bottom-up, divide-and-conquer paradigm, in which multitarget scenarios are broken down into many parallel single-target problems. This presentation summarizes, at a conceptual overview level, a completely new top-down paradigm based on multitarget statistics. The approach has led to fundamentally new multitarget detection and tracking algorithms (the PHD and CPHD filters) which have attracted considerable interest around the world. The presentation also describes some of the applications (including real-time, real-data applications) which have been addressed using the approach.


  Ron Mahler obtained a BEE from University of Minnesota and PhD in Mathematics from Brandeis University in 1970. He was assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota during 1974-1979. He has been employed at Lockheed Martin Corporation since 1980. He has been a principle investigator of 12 R&D projects from USARO, AFRL, AFOSR, MDA, MRDEC, and DARPA. His main interests are: data fusion, expert systems, random set theory, conditional even algebra. He is a co-author of Mathematics of Data Fusion, (Kulwer 1997), Theory and Applications of Random Sets (Springer-Verlag 1997), and author of Statistical Multisource-Multitarget Information Fusion (Artech House 2007).




 The meeting will be held in the Blue Room at the Lockheed Martin Corporation, 3333 Polot Knob Road, in Eagan

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