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  Now that this Chapter of the AESS has been officially aproved by IEEE headquarters, new officers need to be elected. Officers would be responsible for planning and coordinating technical meetings, keeping up with the finances, and attending IEEE Twin Cities Section meetings. Volunteering should only require a few hours each month, depending on the position. Those members of AES who are interested in becoming Chapter Officers should contact Firooz Sadjadi at firooz.sadjadi@ieee.org.

Chairman - Firooz Sadjadi
Vice-Chairman - Peter Shea
Secretary - Peter Shea
Treasurer - Firooz Sadjadi
Program Director - Firooz Sadjadi


  Since this chapter is relatively young, not all of the officer positions need to be filled all the time. Below is a detailed description of the roles and responsibilities of each of the officer positions for an older, larger chapter.


  • Conduct meetings; review and approve all annual reports
  • Attend IEEE Section Executive Committee meetings
  • Assist the Program Director in arranging Chapter Meetings, selecting future guest speakers
  • Introduce guest speakers at meetings
  • Coordinate regular updates to Chapter website (writing new Tutorials, Book Reviews, etc)
  • Work with Section and AESS National to establish Chapter Awards or to Sponsor a Distinguished Lecturer
  • Select Nominating Committee for next year's officers
  • Fill any officer positions vacated by moves, outside obligations, etc


  • Preside in Chair's absence
  • Participate in Program planning (dual appointment as Program Chair recommended)
  • Assist Chair with long-range plans and goals
  • Coordinate student activities, member outreach


  • Responsible for Chapter correspondence
  • Compile information for the Newsletter / Website (dual appointment as Newsletter Editor / Webmaster recommended)
  • Prepare meeting announcements/reports for the Chapter/Section websites
  • Ensure local Universities receive meeting notices
  • Responsible for keeping track of attendance at meetings
  • Assist the Program Director in arranging Chapter Meetings


  • Responsible for Chapter finances
  • Prepare the annual financial report for the Chair's review and submit to Section Treasurer
  • Record any funds recieved from the Section and prepare requests for additional funds as necessary
  • Collect payements at Meetings (when there is a fee)
  • Pay or reimbrse guest speaker's lunch/dinner fee and pay all approved invoices
  • Assist the Program Director in arranging Chapter Meetings

Program Director

  • Coordinate Chapter Meetings and Programs
  • Recommend speakers/topics for future meetings or programs
  • Arrange for guest speakers approved by the Chair
  • Coodinate logistical arrangements for meetings (place, time)
  • Provide meeting information (title, abstract, speaker bio, meeting place, time, etc) to the Secretary and/or Newsletter Editor
  • Arrange for any equipment needed by speakers (projector, blackboard, etc)
  • Provide for the guest speaker at the meeting (introduce to Chapter members, act as speaker's host, etc)