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October 2000

Directors Corner
Fall 2000

Dick Riddle
IEEE Region 3 Director

As the year 2000 winds down, it is time to look at our Region 3 job performance and evaluate the progress we made toward achieving our Goals and Objectives. As reflected in our Strategic Plan most of my goals and objectives are related to strengthening our organization by encouraging the use of teams to conduct our region tasks and to encourage the use of electronic conferencing at all levels within IEEE.

I feel that through the dedication and talented contributions of our Electronic Conferencing (e-conf) Committee members, the e-conf has become a major vehicle for conducting many of the activities within our region. What we have accomplished via the use of e-conf is reflected in our first electronic Region 3 Newsletter - Volume 15 Number 2 - September 2000 at:

I will not enumerate our e-conf accomplishments, but rather, recommend that you take a look at our September newsletter via our recently upgraded Region 3 web page at:

Yes, thanks to Chip Dawson we now have an upgraded Region 3 web page. I encourage you check out the added links and information.

In an attempt to better communicate and involve our Council/Section/Chapter volunteer leaders in arriving at a position on the mandated Concentration Banking Account issue, we used e-conf. This resulted in a proposal to the IEEE Board of Directors to allow limited local bank accounts for our geographic units. The jury is still out on our proposal but I can assure you that it or a similar motion will be made to the BoD in December.

In addition to the use of e-conf techniques within our region other IEEE organizations have shown an interest in applying e-conf to some of their activities. As an example, IEEE Awards Board, Regional Activities Board, and other regions.

Internally, we must still understand why some Area/Council and Committee Chairs are reluctant to try the new techniques in their areas of responsibility. We still have too many one-person committees. We can only have a few face-to-face meetings a year and this does not allow enough opportunity to exchange ideas and make progress on activities concerning the region. I invite discussion on how to achieve this wider participation in other formats or on what issues should be addressed to promote wider participation in e-conferencing.

I am looking forward to our Region 3 EXCom e-conf on October 14 at 10:00 AM and our face-to-face ExCom meeting on October 20-22. We have several items for discussion/action such as the 2001 Budget, SouthCon resolution, Nomination of Director-Elect 2002-2003, and our Regional Plan for 2001. The agenda for both of these meetings will be available on our Region 3 Web Page. Please review them and propose any additions or changes.

In summary, I feel that 2000 has been another successful year for our region. We did not accomplish all that I hoped that we could. We still have unresolved problems in some of our Sections and Chapters, but as a total region we had a good year. Region 3 has been blessed with some of the most talented and dedicated volunteer members within our world wide Institute. It has been my honor to serve as your Director.

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