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November 2000

Some progress has been made with the excellent assistance of Chip Dawson in getting the Region 3 Training Manual put up on the web. Portions of the Training Manual dealing with IEEE Organization Structure, the Section Executive Committee Functions, and Section Finance are now available on the web through a Leadership Development link from the Region 3 home page. The Finance Section is new and deals with Concentration Banking and includes Recommended Record Retention Periods for Sections.

Integrating the Institute’s Leadership and Project Management skills program into the Region 3 program has been delayed due to the postponement of the Institute’s dissemination of their information. This is now scheduled for January 20-21, 2001. Charles Lord and I will attend for Region 3 to obtain this information. We have a tentative schedule to present a draft of this material at SoutheastCon ‘00 at Clemson. The plan to develop a training coordinator for each of the Region 3 Area/Councils has likewise been postponed into 2001 so that this new material can be included.

The planned new training program for Section Treasurers is fully outlined, developed and the building of the web pages has begun with the help of Chip Dawson. We believe that this training is suitable for self-study by Section Treasurers directly from the web pages. It will be completed before the end of this year. An announcement will be sent by e-mail to all Section Chairs when it is available for access on the web. A part of this training will include an Excel PC spreadsheet that organizes the Section accounting in a way that in compatible with the IEEE L-50 Annual Financial Report and will automatically generate an L-50 report with most of the data entries completed. This spreadsheet will be discussed in detail in the training material and will be available to Region 3 Sections by request.

The Virginia Council has planned a Section Officer training session for January 2001.

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