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Volume 15 Number 4
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November 2000

Chip Dawson Region 3 Webmaster

Over the past several months we have been updating the IEEE Region 3 Website.   These improvements have been a colarabitive efford between Region 3 Communications Committee and  the other committees in Region 3.  So what is new on the website.

Whats New

We have updated the home page to include links to various committes with in Region 3.   Many of the broken link have been fixed so that they will work correctly.  The Region 3 Bylaws and Operations Manual are available online as HTML document.  New Committee pages have been added or updated for the Leadership Development Committee, Stradgeic Planning Committee, Confererncing Committee, Educational Activities Committee, Public Information Committee, Awards Committee and Electronic Conferenceing Committee.

Additions include a Web-based calander for Region 3 and a Site search feature for the site (these are accessable via the Region 3 Home page).

Where are we going

As the web moves from a static content to a more dymanic model we will continue to update the services, look and feel of the website.  Currently we are using a static based model for the web design.  In this model the User (that's you) can control the basic format of the displayed data.  If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer select View at the top of your screen then text size.  This selectino will give you 5 choises of the text sze to view from smallest to largest.  From the same view menu you can  select an encoding family.

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