Comments from the Director-Elect

William B. Harrison
Region 3 Director-Elect

Region Meeting in November

The purposes of the Fall Region 3 Meeting November 21-23, 2003, in Atlanta are focused on :

1.   Enhancing the working relationships among the volunteers in Region 3

2.   The transition from Jim's R3 Directorship to mine.

3.   The Journey we are making together.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to meet your fellow volunteers face to face, help align to a common direction and share the challenges we are all facing.

Ad Hoc Committee of the Region 3 Strategic Planning Committee

This assignment, under the auspices of the Region 3 Strategic Planning Committee, requires a look at the possible inconsistencies between the roles of, and voting by, standing and Ad Hoc committees of the Region 3 ExCom and the Region 3 Committee. We are addressing differences between Region 3 standing committees and Ad Hoc committees, and the voting rights of committee members. Based on comments and feedback from the Region Committee and the Region 3 ExCom, we will develop recommendations for approval at the Fall Region/ExCom Meeting in November.

Region 3 Corporate Communications

The Industry Relations Committee of the IEEE Regional Activities Board (RAB) has requested each region and section to appoint an Industry Relations Representative. I have served as the Region 3 Corporate Communications/Industry Relations ad hoc committee chair for some time. We are looking for a volunteer to lead the Industry Relations activities for Region 3. Please let me know if you are interested in supporting or leading Industry Relations Activities.

As Section leaders, consider how Region 3 might help you institute a local Industry Relations program. Please identify local leaders who might be willing to help build IEEE's relationships with companies that hire our members and prospective members. Also, if you already have Industry Relations activities underway, please let me know. We will want to find ways to let you share your ideas, successes, frustrations, etc., and hear what others are doing.

Region 3 Conference Committee and SoutheastCon Registration

I attended a meeting of the SoutheastCon 2004 Organizing Committee in Greensboro, NC. I am also working with the Region 3 Conference Committee and its Conference Support Sub-committee. We expect to establish the level of region support needed by sections hosting future SoutheastCons, and to determine the future direction of conference registration services available from the Region to SoutheastCon and other conferences.

Nominations and Appointments

Past-Director Dick Riddle serves as Chair of the Region 3 N&A Committee. We are currently working on filling Regional Executive Committee jobs for 2004. Please contact Dick or me if you are interested in volunteering, or would like to nominate someone to serve in a Region-level position: or

Suggestions, Ideas, Questions, Concerns

If you or any of your officers or members has an idea, suggestion, recommendation, question or a concern, please don't hesitate to contact Director Howard or me.

Bill Harrison, Region 3 Director 2004-2005 Phone: 404-378-5553 Fax: 404-378-4447

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