Region 3 Membership Development

Lee Stogner
R3 Membership Development

Introduction (who we are):

The year 2003 represents a major opportunity to build the best IEEE team in Region 3. We have good leadership at both the Region and the Section level. Many of our leaders have gone through Leadership training and have experience that comes from working to promote IEEE in Region 3. With all of this in mind, I need your help in developing and promoting a campaign that will encourage student / working engineers to join, rejoin and upgrade their membership status. I also need your help in helping me identify a member in every Section that will become my local contact for a range of Membership information that will be coming from National and Region 3. Send me your contact names and I will make them a member of the core Membership team.

If you need easy access to a range of IEEE Membership Development programs, IEEE has created a web page with all of the URLs that you need,

Please let me know if you don't find what you're looking for.

2003 Goals and Objectives:

We have also developed a set of 2003 Goals and Objectives for Membership Development. Please review the attached list and let me know what you want to help with or what I have missed.

2003 Goals and Objectives - Region 3 Membership Development

1.   Develop Student Transition Program

2.   Promote Senior Membership Upgrades

3.  Communicate to the R3 MD team with regular e-conf's

4.   Membership Development Representative in every Section / Council

5.   Work with Section Representatives to contact members in arrears

6.   Develop Membership "Values" Kit

7.   Work with the Public Information Committee to increase R3 awareness of IEEE

Employment Assistance:

The Region 3 Membership Development committee has teamed with Employment Assistance and Professional Activities to develop a Employment Assistance web page at,

Please visit this site, tell others in your Section about it and let us know how Region 3 can help members with their career challenges.

Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to working with all of you to continue to build Region 3 Network… Lee Stogner Mobile 864-444-0618

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