Region 3 Products and Services Offered
(Supporting Volunteers and Members)

William Ratcliff,
Region 3 Communications Committee Chair


An organization like Region 3 has many aspects of it's operation that help define what it is. What it produces in terms of the products and services is a major part of that definition.

When it comes to enumerating products and services it is essential to orient them to the "customers" involved. There are 3 general types of customers that are served by the committees of the Region 3 Excom.

This article is intended to focus on the third grouping of customers... You ... the volunteer/members at the heart of IEEE. It is further intended to set the stage for a detailed discussion involving ...

So the first step in developing this dialog is to explain what are the functional areas of products and services offered. The functional areas represented should not be assumed to correspond directly with the organizational structure of the Region 3 ExCom.

Awards and Recognition:


Membership Development:

Strategic Planning:

Communication Functions:

Professional Activities:

Leadership Development:

Industrial Relations:

Direct Section Support:

Educational Activities:

G.O.L.D. :


Student Activities:

Records Archive Management:

This is one area that you can have a significant impact by participating in the development of the guidelines and tools needed by all organizational units in Region 3 and throughout the Institute including Areas/Council and Sections. Everyone has need of managing "the boxes of material" passed to the next group of officers.

Each one of us have experienced the feeling that we are operating alone, whether in a section or committee or simply as a member of IEEE. This list , albeit summary by design, is intended to say... "you are only alone if you choose to be". It is hoped that each of us will seek out and utilize the collaborative work spirit that continues to make IEEE a valuable element of our lives.

Please use this list in preparation to discuss your needs and help expand the capability to help each other. You are not alone as a member and volunteer in IEEE. But you do need to ASK.

If you have any questions or want specific contact information just send an e-mail to me ... Bill Ratcliff I'll be glad to help.

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