Message from the Region Director

Jim Howard
Region 3 Director 2002-2003

First, let me think all of you for your Volunteer Efforts on behalf of IEEE. Without you, this organization would not exist!!

Next, I want to give you a few updates about what is happening within IEEE that impacts our Region, Sections and Chapters.

Region Meeting in November - Please Mark Your Calendars

We are planning a Region meeting for all the Sections, along with the Executive Committee, on Friday, November 21, thru Sunday, November 23, so please mark you calendars now. This meeting will take place in Atlanta, which is about the center of our Region and one of the least cost locations to hold a Regional Meeting. Front-runners for location are 1) Hilton Hotel located near Technology Park (north of Atlanta, where we held the January 2001 ExCom meeting, and 2) Crowne Plaza/Holiday Inn complex near Hartsfield Airport. Other locations are still being evaluated/negotiated. Stay tuned for the details.

Better Communications

The many volunteers at the Region level are working for you and trying to make sure you know who to contact when you need assistance. With that in mind, we are gearing up for a continuing stream of information updates to you, via newsletters, emails, web posting, etc. Watch closely over the next few months as you begin to see these updates in various forms.

Rebates for Sections & Chapters will Increase in 2004

The Regional Activities Board (RAB), which is the organization tasked with overseeing the Sections, Councils, Chapters, and Student Branch's, recently increased the Section and Chapter rebates for 2003 - these rebates will be available to your Section and Chapter effective with report filings at the beginning of 2004. Be sure and watch for the details of these new rebates in upcoming updates from the Region.

Section & Chapter Reporting and Signatures - we are almost 100%

With a lot of work and reminders, we have gotten 100% of the Region's Sections and Chapters to send in their reports to Headquarters. Thank you all for the great work. Many of you had your reports sent in early and did/will receive the additional 10% bonus for getting them in early. We do have one Section we are still working with to get a signature on one account and then our Region will be 100% compliant.

Dues to Increase for 2004

Our dues, with the next renewal, will increase based on several actions taken by the IEEE Board of Directors and by you as the leaders of the Region. The IEEE base dues will increase by an inflationary factor as prescribed by our Bylaws, the IEEE-USA dues will increase by $1, and will be tied to inflation for future years, and the new Regional assessment you voted on in Jamaica will go into affect. The total of all these increases will only be $6.00 for our members. These increases will not affect the Students.

SSVR Funds Available to Sections

Does your Section have a one-time special project that you are looking for funds for? If so, please send me a note as we have funds available for your use. These funds are provided annually for the support of special projects the Sections might have in mind to help their members. We need to have these funds earmarked no later that November, so please don't let these funds go unused.

Any Questions or Concerns

If you and or any of your officers or members have a question or a concern, please don't hesitate to contact me. We will assign the appropriate Region 3 folks to work with you and get all your questions and/or concerns addressed. Let us hear from you soon.

Jim Howard,


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