Welcome to the July 2003 Issue

The Region 3 Newsletter is traditionally published in February and October with at least one in hard copy. This edition is a special case not only because it is appearing in July but also due to its content and intended audience. The purpose of this edition is to provide you the volunteer with information regarding Region 3 that you might not know and if you find that nothing is new ... please volunteer share your knowledge in developing content for future releases.

In this issue you will find an insight into the....

In other words...a little of where we have been...where we are now and where we are going. A great deal of where we are going depends on You.

This is not the last special purpose edition of the newsletter but rather the beginning of a trend to keep you informed and engaged in IEEE. You'll see it stated many times in many places by many people "IEEE is a volunteer driven organization ...". This statement will be true only if volunteers like you continue to commit your time and talent to the growth of the IEEE and therefore to the lives / careers of the members, the profession and the public.

Since this is the first of a series of changes / additions it seems fitting to change the name as well. The name Region 3 Newsletter does not begin to reflect the dedication, thought or concern that is shared by the volunteers in Region 3. So what is in a Name. You tell us by suggesting a "handle".

All of us have been exposed to the "broadcast mode" of communications, much like the Region 3 Newsletter, but we are attempting to change that direction in favor of a mixture of broadcast and interactive dialog with you. That means not only will the Region 3 methodologies require changes but you will need to become engaged in the process. Our direction is to engage you the volunteer and make you a part of the communications process. Likewise the bottom line is to engage the members and keep them in the loop.

We want to know what you think and ideas for achieving the direction and the changes required so please help us close the loop. My e-mail inbox, albeit overflowing most of the time, has room enough for your message. Keep in touch...

Please complete the newsletter survey so we can better understand your requirements.

Bill Ratcliff, Region 3 Communications Committee

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