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Did you read and enjoy, our last
Region 3 Newsletter?† I hope so, a lot of†
Volunteer effort went into producing it for you.

If you did read and enjoy it, please let me
know by dropping me an email.† If you didnít
enjoy it, I would also like to know that as well.

Jim Howard,
Region 3 Director 2002-2003 (
Ph: 813-876-1748


Did You Mark Your Calendars?

Last month I mentioned our planned Region 3 meeting for all the Sections, along with the Region 3 Executive Committee, which is planned for Friday, November 21, thru Sunday, November 23. Did you mark your calendars? Did you mention it to your Section Executive Committees? If not, please be sure to do so now so you can start planning. Remember, this meeting will take place in Atlanta, which is about the center of our Region and one of the least cost locations to hold a Regional Meeting.

OK, Does Everyone Have Enough Section $$$$?

I did not hear from anyone on this offer of funds, so here it is one more time - Does your Sections have a one-time special project that you are looking for funds for? If so, please send me a note as we have funds available for your use. These funds are provided annually for the support of special projects the Sections might have in mind to help their members. We need to have these funds earmarked no later than November, so please donít let these funds go unused.

Did You Let Your Members Know about the Dues Increase for 2004?

Our dues, with the next renewal, will increase based on several actions taken by the IEEE Board of Directors and by you as the leaders of the Region. The IEEE base dues will increase by an inflationary factor as prescribed by our Bylaws, the IEEE-USA dues will increase by $1, and will be tied to inflation for future years, and the new Regional assessment you voted on in Jamaica will go into affect. The total of all these increases will only be $6.00 for our members. These increases will not affect the Students. Be sure to share this information with your members.

Students Are Returning, Be Sure to Invite them to Your Meetings!

One of the largest challenges facing the IEEE is retaining our Student Members as they transition to Professional Members. With that in mind, please be sure to specifically invite your Student Branch Officers to attend your Section Executive Committee Meetings. Also be sure to invite all Student Members to attend your Seminars, Sections meeting, and all Chapter Meetings Ė and give them a break on the costs when you can.

Wanta Know what other Sections & Chapters are doing?

Almost all of the Region 3 Sections have Web pages where they list their officers, post meeting notices and have general information about their Section. Why not take a minute to visit a few of the web sites and see what the others are up to out there. Visit the web site at

Any Questions or Concerns

If you or any of your officers or members has a question or a concern, please donít hesitate to contact me. We will assign the appropriate Region 3 folks to work with you and get all your questions and/or concerns addressed. Let us hear from you soon.

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