Director-Elect's Comments

William B. Harrison
Region 3 Director-Elect

2004 Election Reminder

It is time for sections and chapters to appoint their Nominating Committee and identify prospective new officers for 2004.  The most recent past Section Chair usually serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee, which has three or four members.  The call for nominations should be sent out 120 days prior to election and should reference all elected offices.  The slate of candidates should be announced to the membership 60 days prior to election.

More details on the election process and related topics can be found in the IEEE Section Management Orientation presentation located at

IEEE Virtual Communities

In case you have not heard, the IEEE has made a substantial investment in tools for online collaboration called Virtual Communities.  The VCs provide collaboration without spam and allow IEEE volunteers to gather and share information, best practices and opinions on topics of local interest (for example, financial reporting issues).  A number of Virtual Community Forums have been set up.  We have established a Region 3 Forum and are exploring the best ways to use it to serve IEEE members residing in Region 3.  Ideas?

The VCs are still a work in progress.  Some of us have provided criticism and positive feedback to the developers and support staff.  These online collaboration tools offer great opportunities for IEEE volunteers/members to share ideas and help one another.  The IEEE Virtual Community home page is located at .

IEEE Section Chapter Support

Section/Chapter Support staff at the IEEE in Piscataway, NJ is there to provide assistance to the volunteers of IEEE's geographic units worldwide. If you want to order officer pins, start a new society chapter, or have a question about your Section rebate, please get in touch with them. They are there to help. 

IEEE Regional Activities Department      

Section/Chapter Support

Phone: + 1 732 562 5512  

Fax:     + 1 732 463 9359


HOWEVER, do not hesitate to call or email your questions, concerns, issues, (kudos are especially welcome, too) to me (404-378-5553, ) or to Region 3 Director Jim Howard.

PLEASE join and use the Section-Chapter Volunteer Forum (Virtual Community).  It is located at .  Let me know what you think about it. 

IEEE and Region 3 Employment Assistance

Lee Stogner, Region 3's Membership Development Chair, was instrumental in setting up a Region 3 Employment Assistance web page located at .  This site now has a link to the IEEE-USA Virtual Community called Employment & Career Strategies Forum.  This online discussion area is open to all IEEE members.  Within this forum, participants can ask both career and employment questions, post reference material, and get answers to their questions.

CHECK OUT the Employment and Career Strategies Forum link from the R3 Employment Assistance web page.  Think about it.  When is the best time to prepare for your next career move?  While you are employed and have a great future with your present employer?  Or after something happens at the company and the real pressure is on?  BE PREPARED.  Look at these IEEE career-planning resources.

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