Member Column: Region 3 Senior  Member Program

Lee Stogner
Region 3  Membership Development Chair

I would like to congratulate the following Region 3 individuals on achieving IEEE Senior Member status.

Richard Austin, Larry Coffeen, Walid Kamali, Travis Smith, Gennadiy Tsvey, Kurt Leucht, Stephanie Guerlain, Yasin Akhtar Raja, Jean Maraval, Charles Melcher, George Frimpong, James Morizio, Robert Dawes, Willie Fitzpatrick, Seong-Moo Yoo, Mei-Ling Shyu, Wezhong Gao, Mary Jean Harrold, Robert Pearson, Dushan Boroyevich, David Geer, Cyrus Harbourt

These members recognize that Senior Member status is professional recognition by peers for technical and professional excellence.    Senior Member status can mark a milestone that says that the individual is capable of supporting major responsibilities at work and for the rest of their professional career.  The percent and number of IEEE Senior Members reflects on the competence and prestige of IEEE, its products and services.  A side benefit to Membership Development is that Senior Members have a retention rate of 98%.

At the most recent Admission and Advancement Review Panel meeting held in Nashville, the Panel approved 244 Senior Member applications.  This brings the total year-to-date Senior Member elections to 1,140 for all of IEEE. With only two more A&A Review Panels scheduled for this year, we need to place emphasis on Senior Member upgrades.  Region 3 has a 2003 goal of 181 new Senior Members.  As of the June 21 A&A Meeting, we have elevated only 94 or 52% of our goal.

Besides nominating worthy candidates for Senior Member grade, sections and Societies should also be encouraging the newest Senior Members to nominate at least one more Senior Member candidates this year.  If every new Senior Member nominated or encourage one other Member to apply for Senior Member, we would more than achieve the goal for this year.

Societies can start their Senior Member efforts by focusing on every eligible Chapter Chair and Society Officer.  Not only does this help us to meet our goals, but it also goes to show our appreciation and recognition of their volunteer efforts.

Don't forget that Sections can benefit financially for their Senior Member upgrades.  Now through November 12, all applications received and successfully approved by the A&A Committee will generate a $10 bonus for their Section or Society.  More information on the "Nominate A Senior Member Initiative" can be found at,

Complete information on the Senior Member Program can be found at,

Senior Members represent the core team that IEEE needs for the future.  Please take this initiative seriously, help us reach our Region 3 goals and make a difference in a member's career.

Lee Stogner

Region 3  Membership Development Chair

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