The IEEE Foundation Adds More VIPs to IEEE Region 3!

Karen Nowicki
VIP Coordinator, IEEE Foundation

The Volunteers In Philanthropy (VIP) Program has trained twelve more VIPs. On 27 July, Karen Nowicki, VIP Coordinator and Kristina Collmann, Director of Development for the IEEE Foundation were invited to conduct a VIP Training for the IEEE Eastern North Carolina volunteers. The IEEE Eastern North Carolina training was the fourth VIP Training in IEEE Region 3 to date in 2003. Prior VIP Trainings also included a session at the Florida Council meeting in Tampa, FL and two sessions held at SoutheastCon 2003 in Jamaica.

Initially the IEEE Foundation team was invited to Raleigh/Durham, NC to assist volunteers from the IEEE Eastern North Carolina Section in their pursuit of philanthropic dollars for the DARPA (Defense Advanced Projects Agency) Challenge project. The DARPA Grand Challenge is a race of autonomous ground vehicles between Los Angeles and Las Vegas that will be held on March 13, 2004. However, they were happy to also have in attendance, IEEE Section volunteers who had a strong interest in education and wanted to learn more about philanthropy at the IEEE.

Founded in 1973, the IEEE Foundation is the principal philanthropic instrument of the IEEE. It is a grant-making non-profit 501(c)(3) organization responding to the need of supporting education at all levels, preserving, researching and promoting the history of electrical and information technology, as well as recognizing engineering achievements. The goal of the IEEE Foundation is to be an advocate for programs that reflect the breadth and range of IEEEís fields of interest and to make a significant, positive, global impact on the profession.

To keep engineering and technology programs exciting and engaging, the IEEE Foundation supports philanthropic programs that:

In response to meeting the challenging needs of expanding and increasing IEEE charitable support, the IEEE Foundation created the VIP Program to create a greater awareness of philanthropy. The VIP Program is designed to encourage growth of the philanthropic culture based on the mission of the IEEE Foundation.

VIP Training can also be customized to fit your Sectionís current philanthropic objectives. If your local IEEE Section or Chapter is interested in seeking or increasing funds to support a worthwhile program, VIP Training is for you! If you sign up for a VIP Training, we can help:

The next VIP Training in IEEE Region 3 is scheduled on 18 October in Tampa, FL. All Region 3 Sections are invited to attend VIP Training. We are also making arrangements to hold VIP Training at SoutheastCon 2004. If your IEEE Section is interested in learning more about VIP, or if you would like to attend the 18 October VIP Training in Tampa, FL, or SoutheastCon 2004, please contact Karen Nowicki at or by phone at +1 732-562-3939.


The IEEE Development Office would like to extend a special thank you to the IEEE Eastern North Carolina Section for their wonderful hospitality. We enjoyed meeting the Section members and it was our pleasure and honor to be a part of the IEEE Eastern North Carolina Section community for the weekend.

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