Message from the Region Director

Bill Harrison,
Region 3 Director 2004-2005


Following Jim Howard’s leadership as Director for the IEEE Region 3 is an awesome challenge for me as 2004 – 2005 IEEE Region 3 Director.  I look forward to serving the members residing in our region.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with your ideas, suggestions, and complaints (I am sure there are a few).  I live in Decatur, GA, adjoining Atlanta.  Email:; telephone: 404-378-5553; Fax: 404-378-4447.

Jim Howard has served the IEEE in numerous capacities for many years.  In addition to his IEEE Board of Directors and IEEE Committee work, Jim continues to work with his local section, his technical society (Power Engineering), student branches, section newsletters, you name it.  Jim’s wife, Donna, is his mainstay.  Donna was recently described by IEEE President-Elect Cleon Anderson as the “IEEE volunteer’s volunteer”.  Help me applaud Jim and Donna Howard for their indefatigable support of the IEEE (

Region 3 has been recognized by our peers in the USA, and around the world, for our innovative projects and programs.  Notably, the R3 Communications Committee has devised ways for us to develop projects and to conduct Region 3 business via electronic meeting technologies.  The tools and techniques they have developed allow us to file and access our committee and project reports on the Internet.  It speeds up handling our routine operational matters, and it makes us more efficient and proficient in taking care of the region’s business.  

Region 3 has taken the lead in Membership Development activities, IEEE Employment Assistance for members whose careers have taken unexpected turns, and Industry Relations projects.  We think we are pretty good at member support and membership development – but we need your input and help.  There is a lot more that could be done in these areas.

VIP (Volunteers in Philanthropy) or (Very Important People)

Because of our active, and proactive, involvement in IEEE projects and programs over the years, Region 3 was asked to participate in an IEEE Foundation effort called Volunteers in Philanthropy.  The IEEE’s VIP philanthropic program encourages IEEE members to think about ways we can give back to our profession. 

Personally, I think of this as a way to honor our parents, professors, mentors and friends who nudged and encouraged us into our rewarding careers and professional lives.  They made our personal and financial successes possible.  The IEEE Foundation VIP Program will help us to spread the word about the important efforts of the IEEE Foundation and the programs they fund that help to encourage the bright women and men following in our footsteps to engage in engineering and technology jobs.  The bottom line is that we would be investing a few of our accumulated dollars in the futures of our young friends, and in the continuation of our rich technological heritage.  Have you thought about putting the IEEE in your will?  Maybe you have some other form of charitable contribution to the IEEE in mind.

Check the interesting IEEE Foundation article on Region 3’s VIP involvement at

To put you in the mood for further thinking about your personal legacy and your professional heritage, go visit the IEEE Virtual Museum at

TAKE ACTION: NEXT, contact Karen Nowicki, VIP Coordinator, at, or call her at 732-562-3939.  Karen or I can refer you to legal advisors to help you handle the paperwork.  Make sure you take advantage of any Federal or state tax laws relevant to your particular situation. Another contact for advice on how to structure your personal contribution is Kristina Collmann, or call 732- 562-3915.

Many of us think of a circle of giving.  FIRST, in the inner circle, we want to leave a significant portion of our assets to our children or other family members. SECOND, we think of our church or other significant charitable or professional organizations we may have been involved with over the years.  I firmly believe the IEEE should be in our second circle of giving. How much would you consider putting in that circle for the IEEE?  I welcome conversations about charitable giving – telephone call or email – you have my numbers, above.


As incoming Director for the Region, I presented several priorities and initiatives to the Region 3 Meeting November 21-23, 2003.  Region 3 Committees and many other R3 volunteers will be involved in implementing these initiatives and ongoing projects.  Please contact me if you have questions or would like to be involved.  You will hear more as these important Region activities progress.

In addition to our regular Region 3 committee work, the initiatives and ongoing projects include the following:
Leadership by Developing Others (LDO)
Membership Development Challenge, including coordinated efforts in:
Industry Relations
Public Relations
Employment Assistance
SoutheastCon/Conference Registration System
Remote Meetings Project(s)
Newsletter/Communications with Members
Others – Remember, SSVR (Section Support Via Regions) funds are available for Section-initiated projects – contact me for funding guidelines


The Atlanta Section celebrates its Centennial Anniversary (14 January 1904 – 14 January 2004) with a series of activities during 2004, starting with the section’s annual banquet in January.

The Alabama Section was born 22 May 1929 and celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2004.

Region 3 will host the IEEE Board of Directors series of meetings in Savannah: 12–15 February, 2004. 

The Savannah Section celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a section dinner, banner presentation, and celebration in conjunction with IEEE Board Meeting Series.

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