Region 3 Employment Assistance Project

Lee Stogner
Region 3 Membership Development Chair

The Region 3 Employment Assistance Project was begun in 2003 as a means of improving member career services. It was recognized that many engineers need help in finding employment guidance and opportunities that exist in their area or elsewhere. The goal of the project was to create the kind of employment assistance site that brought into one place the best that was  already existing on the web as well as the specialized services that IEEE has been developing.

Design goals for the site include emphasis on career planning, employment news, job openings and company information that can be used for interview preparation.

The Career Planning portion of the site brings together IEEE, IEEE-USA and a number of third party sources that together help the engineer make crucial near and long term decisions.

The Employment News portion includes real time information that details what is happening in the job market. Ongoing review of this news can reveal opportunities that members can pursue.

Job Openings emphasize the IEEE Job Site but also make the member aware that other major sites can provide information about potential openings.

A key part of the web site is guidance on how to find company information that will provide employment opportunities. The web site has access to the Harris Selectory Online database and major financial/news services that provides a complete package of information about a company. The member that uses the research process described on the web site will be prepared for making company contact and making a good impression during the interview.

The Region 3 Employment Assistance Project recognizes several things. Members need help in finding job openings, companies and preparing for interviews. Members also need personal one on one help. Another component of the project  is that it compliments efforts by the Professional Activities organization in providing employment assistance help at the Section and Member level.

The Region 3 Employment Assistance Project can be accessed at, . Please make use of the site and give us your feedback.

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