Section Congress 2005 Update

Butch Shadwell and John Twitchell

Sections Congress 2005 is coming. For those that may be unfamiliar, it is a meeting of delegates from every section in the world done once every three years.

Sections Congress is October 14-17, 2005, in Tampa, Florida at the Tampa Marriott Waterside. The host section is the Florida West Coast Section. Having this meeting in Region 3 is not only a great honor, but a great opportunity for our sections to participate at a level that is not usually possible.

Last year I sent email to all the R3 section chairs reminding them to save money in the budget to send a delegate(s) to this conference in 2005. Typically, the section ends up covering about 1/3 of the travel costs. Depending on where you are located, this may be as little as $100 or as much as $700. For those sections that can afford it, it is good to send more section members to the conference. There will still only be one primary delegate.

The Tampa Section has a huge project to put on the world congress of the IEEE. Region 3 asks that all sections help defray the organizational costs by making a contribution to the support fund. We are suggesting that each section contribute $2 per member grade or higher as of January 1st. If your section finds this figure difficult to do, we will gratefully accept whatever you can do to help.

Contributions of any amount to the IEEE Sections Congress 2005 Funds are appreciated. We are working toward matching the Region 2, Sections Congress 2002 contributions -which were 100% of the Sections in the Region making contributions. The levels shown below are used for all contributions to Sections Congress 2005, but any amount is acceptable.

$ 500 - $999 Bronze Level
$1000 - $4999 Silver Level
$5000 - $9999 Gold Level
$10,000 or more Diamond Level

Make contributions to: Charles Hickman, Attn: Section Congress 2005 Support, 3244 Burning Tree Drive, Birmingham, AL 35226

Butch Shadwell ( ) is the coordinator for all sections in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Jamaica, and Mississippi, and Sean Haynes ( ) is covering Virginia, Kentucky/Indiana, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. We will be regularly directing updates and reminders to the section chairs until we get the names of the primary delegate to Sections Congress. So if section chairs want to get less email, let us know the delegates name soon.

Here is a link to the Sections congress PowerPoint slide show that Tracy Hawkins has done at headquarters. It has lots of relevant information.

Sections Congress 2005 is a highly visible function, and will be hosted in our Region 3. Obtaining support from industry, who greatly benefits from employee membership in IEEE, will be critical to the success of the Congress. We need your assistance in identifying businesses in your Section's area that we could contact to solicit support. One way your Section can support Sections Congress is in providing the names of companies in your area that are associated with our electro-technology industries, and a contact inside that company. We will follow-up with your contact, hopefully with the participation of your Section. Personal contact is the best way to garner support.

Even though Sections Congress is going to be held in Region 3 (Tampa), it is an international event. If you have contacts with industries outside of your Section's area, that information would be helpful as well. Please contact us via return email with any suggestions you may have. Every contact is important.

Please work with your section as you attend functions, and solicit industry names and contacts for follow-up by our committee for support of Sections Congress 2005. Thanks.

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