Region 3 Senior Member Contest

Lee Stogner

Becoming an IEEE Senior Member is one of the most important things that you can do as a Electrical or Computer Engineer. Senior Member status is a recognition by your peers of career achievement and contribution to the profession.

The IEEE has a special program each year to promote Senior Member upgrades. This program makes it easy to process a Senior Member application and it gives a financial incentive of a $10 rebate to the Section for every new Senior Member that is approved. Information on this program can be found at &

To further provide incentives for Region 3 Senior Member growth, I would like to announce a Section Senior Member Contest. The Section that gets the most new Senior Members approved this year will win $100. Also the Section that gets the most new Senior Members approved (as a percentage of their Section Member count not including Students) will win $100. Hopefully these additional incentives will increase the challenge and the fun of this important IEEE activity. IEEE has given Region 3 a goal of 208 new Senior Members for 2004. As of August, 111 new Senior Members have been approved. That's only 53.4% of the goal.

November 15 is the absolute deadline for the submission of our nominations. Please don't wait until the last minute since there are only two more Admission & Advancement Committee meetings left this year (September 18, November 20).

Senior Member status is the way to get your Members and your Section recognized. It's also a good way to generate funds for your Section.

Let us know how we can help and I hope your Section wins.

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