Region 3 Organizing Global Pre-College Technology Education Program

Ralph W. Russell

Continuing in its tradition of innovation, Region 3 is taking the lead in developing a new non-discriminatory global pre-college technology education program. Bill Harrison, Region 3 Director, made a motion, that was approved, at the June 2004 IEEE RAB meeting in Kansas City for financial support of this pre-college program. The program, titled,, will be directed globally towards pre-college boys and girls. has developed hands-on electricity and electronics instructional material based on the Boy Scouts merit badge requirements. Instructional material for computer education is being developed. Any student, boy or girl can use the program to enhance technical literacy and learn more about viable engineering and other technical career options. The instructional material and electronics kit were designed by Al Mouton from Bastrop, TX. Project Director Ralph W. Russell, II from the IEEE Richmond, VA Section said that this non-discriminatory program would be promoted globally through IEEE and youth programs such as World Organization of the Scout Movement and The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The next use of the new global pre-college electronics education material and hands-on kit will be at the 2005 National Scout Jamboree. Over 35,000 scouts will attend the Jamboree from the USA and several other countries.

Project leaders have started discussions with national and regional Girl Scout leaders to develop a method of incorporating the program into the Girl Scout program. The next step will be to start discussions with the global World Organization of the Scout Movement and The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

The 2005 Jamboree will be held at Fort A. P. Hill in Caroline, Virginia. The Jamboree will start on Monday, 25 July 2002 and end on Wednesday, 3 August 2005. Hundreds of volunteers that can serve as Assistant Instructors at the Jamboree Electronics Merit Badge booth for at least two days are needed. Additional project and volunteer information can be found at starting in early September 2004.

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