SoutheastCon 2005 Update

The SoutheastCon 2005 ( organizing team is getting into high gears with the conference slogan of "Excellence in Engineering, Science, and Technology. During March, the organizing team lead by Dr. Eric S. Ackerman ( visited the SoutheastCon 2004 in Greensboro, NC and observed organization of the conference in preparations for next year's conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. During April, the conference technical/proceedings chair Dr. Yair Levy ( solicited track chairs. List of tracks, potential topics, and track chair(s) is available via:

In early May, the Call for Papers (please page 6 of this issue) and the Student Program Hardware Design Rules (i.e. 'robot competition') were released and posted on the conference site. The Call for Papers ( sent out to all Region 3 Sections for solicitation of quality papers as well as other national and international listserves. The Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences at Nova Southeastern University provided a team of programmers that are developing a paper review system that will enable authors' submission of papers, reviewers' comments and track chairs' decisions on technical papers. A prototype was presented to the chair, Dr. Levy, and is under minor changes before it will be fully tested during June in preparations for full opening to potential authors in early July.

Dr. Eric S. Ackerman (, the general conference chair, and the SoutheastCon 2005 ( organizing committee are excited to invite all R3 members to take part in the upcoming SoutheastCon 2005 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in April 2005. We would like to ask all R3 members to help solicit for quality papers for the technical/proceedings and schools for studentsí hardware competition. Additional information about both programs is available on the conference website ( The conference is expected to have high turnover with technical/proceedings papers, studentsí hardware competition, studentsí papers, as well as professional tutorials and mini-job fair. The technical/proceedings committee solicited over 15 track chairs and co-chairs with a list of ten (10) tracks in various areas such as EE, general engineering, Communication & Telecommunications, Networking & Distributed Systems, Information Systems, Database & ERP, Mobile Devices & Communications, Computing, as well as Education issues. The Call for Papers is posted on the conference website. We encourage all of you to forward it to your colleagues in and outside the region and help use make SoutheastCon 2005 a success!

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