Leadership by Developing Others Project

Richard Riddle
William Ratcliff

Leadership by Developing Others (LDO) is a project to build an environment of cooperative, supportive communications between IEEE leaders on all levels by focusing on the "art of mentoring". Our goal is to encourage a more cross-functional and collaborative work effort within and between IEEE entities. We feel that encouraging active mentoring of fellow and future leaders is a way of better equipping everyone to do our IEEE "jobs". WE also will gain skills and experience that will help carry us through our careers and beyond.


Phase I was an experiment to simulate and demonstrate the application of mentoring. The intent of Phase I was to expose a group of volunteers called Pilot 1 team to the LDO concepts and training modules on mentoring, personalities, and conflict. For our Pilot 1 team, we selected a limited number of ExCom Standing Committee Chairs, Area/Council Chairs, and Region 3 Officers to act as mentors. These mentors have been paired with the corresponding Vice Chairs and/or incoming officers as mentees.

The goal of this relationship was to train the mentee to assume the mentor's office or position using the LDO concepts and training. During Phase I, we chose the Region 3 Virtual Community (VC) as our primary communication tool to plan, inform, collaborate, store training material, and evaluate the project.

Phase I training started in March at SoutheastCon 2004, followed by IEEE Internet Conferencing sessions on June 29, July 13, August 16 and was completed with a wrap up and feedback session on September 15, 2004. Based on the feedback received at the September 15th session we are modifying the mentoring training module to include more information on the mentoring process as well as responding to other recommendations for incorporation within the project.


Phase II is an effort to expand the LDO concept to a broader spectrum of Region 3 volunteer leaders. Our intent is to actively train all Area/Council Chairs to the principles and practices that were developed in Phase I, and work with these chairs to build a network with their section chairs. The Area/Council Chairs are asked to take on a mentor role with their respective section chairs. Section Chairs will be taking on an initial role as "mentee" but will also be learning how to mentor their junior officers, committee chairs, and future leaders within their section.

At the same time they will learn new ways of working together with other section leaders and regional support people such as our many committee chairs and their committees. The Pilot 1 team has been encouraged to assist in the training of the new mentors and mentees by sharing your experience from Phase I.

The Leadership Development Training for some of the Area/Council Chairs, Section Chairs, Pilot 1 team, and others was held from 1 PM until 5 PM on October 15 at the Region 3 Meeting in Atlanta. Training for others not in attendance at the Atlanta Region 3 Meeting will be scheduled within the1st Quarter 2005.

Southeast Con 2005 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, April 8 to 10, 2005 represents a significant opportunity for additional training and face to face discussions. So please mark your calendars and plan to attend. If you have any questions about LDO just drop us a line.

Dick Riddle
Bill Ratcliff

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