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IEEE Region 3 Region & Excom Meetings - April 2005

Last modified: Sun, 3 April, 2005 15:00

Zip file of 2005-04 web space for those who would like to put web space on your notebook.


Held in conjunction with Southeastcon 2005

Fort Lauderdale Marina Marriott
1881 SE 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316, USA
Phone: 1 954-463-4000
Fax: 1 954-527-6705
Toll-Free: 1-800-433-2254

Code: IEEIEEA for $125 Standard Room Single/Double Occupancy

The Excom meeting will be by e-conference on the
E-Conference server:
channel: #ieee3
password: (available by e-mail). Guidelines and clients are discussed below.

Administrative Items

  • Report guidelines (EXCOM, Section)
  • Now!!! - Hotel Reservation -- see Above
  • 12 March 2005 - Conference Registration
  • Now!!! - Report travel plans/meeting attendance plans
    Enter your e-mail address (i.e.
    (Please report even if past deadline)
  • 31 March 2005 - Reports due
  • Region 3 Travel Policy
  • Excel Expense Report
    (Insert your IEEE number in the "vendor number location". Be sure to make two copies of your signed printout and mailing them with the original to Region 3 Director. Attach your receipts to the original signed printout.)

    Alternately, you may e-mail your electronic copy of your expense report to the Region 3 Director (with a CC: to the Region 3 Treasurer) and mail a signed printed copy of the expense report with your original receipts to the Treasurer.

    Charles E. Hickman, Ph.D., P.E.
    3244 Burning Tree Drive
    Birmingham, AL 35226
    +1 205 823 4597 H

Tentative Schedule

Date Time Meeting Room Convener
4 April / 6 April 9 - 11pm EST Region 3 Excom Meeting e-conf
8 April 10 am ? Registration Opens    
  1 - 4:55 pm Leadership by Developing Others Sections I, II, III Charles Lord + ?
  5 - 6:30 pm Opening Ceremony


SoutheastCon 2005
  7:00 pm Registration Closes    
  6:30 - 9 pm Area/Council Meetings    
    Area 1/Virginia Council Mako Adeeb Hamzey
    Area 2/NC Council Amberjack Chip Dawson
    Area 3 (GA) Training Room Chris Hardy
    Area 4/Florida Council Marlin Thomas Bellarmine
    Area 5/Tennessee Council Dolphin Philip Lim
    Area 6 (AL/MS) Palmetto Suite Elizabeth Kuhn
    Area 7/SC Council President's Boardroom Stephen Carroll
    Area 8 / Area 9 Governer's Boardroom John Parr / Halden Morris
    SPC Meeting Section IV Bob Duggan
9 April 7 - 8 am Finance Committee Meeting   Charles Hickman
  8 am Registration Opens    
  8:00 - 10:00 am Region 3 Opening Session Salons D & E Bill Harrison
  10:00 -10:30 am Break (for all)    
  10:30 am - 1:45 pm Breakouts (lunch during activity)    
    Issue Breakout Salon A  
    Issue Breakout Salon B  
    Issue Breakout

Section I

  2:00 - 3:00 pm Present Issues developed during breakouts to Region

Salons D & E

  3:00 - 3:30 pm Break    
  3:30 - 5:00 pm Region 3 Meeting Salons D & E Bill Harrison
  4 pm Registration Closes    
  7:00 - midnight Dinner / Hardware Contest Finals /Awards Ceremony / Dancing Grand Ballroom  
10 April 8 am Registration Opens    
  8:30 - noon Region 3 Meeting (cont'd) Grand Ballroom Bill Harrison
  8:30 - 10am R3 Student Activities (Counselors) Section I & II Bruce Walcott
  10 - 11am Branch Leaders Training/Meeting Section III & IV Trish Davis
  10 am Registration Closes    
  1:30 - 4 pm Conference Debriefing Governer's Boardroom SouteastCon 2004


Excom E-Conf Meeting / Help Desk

It is hoped that most problems associated with e-conferencing can be worked out ahead of time by members trying out their software and connections, reading the guidelines, and participating in one or more of the planned meetings prior to the 4 April / 6 April ExCom Meeting. For those who are participating for the first time, or who don't wish to set up an IRC client, you may wish to try our web interface.

During the meetings, members of the e-conference team will be available to assist EXCOM members who are experiencing problems. Depending on the severity of your problem, use the following schemes to contact someone for help:

  1. Query/Whisper to one of the team members for help
  2. Ask a question in the #ieee3-hallway room
  3. Ask a question on the backup server channel/room: #ieee3.
  4. E-mail your question to the e-conference team at .
  5. Help contacts:


Meals, etc.

Be sure to network with other Region 3 volunteers during these times. Meals not listed are "on your own".

5:00 - 7:00 pm Conference Reception   All Conference Attendees
7:00 - 8:00am Breakfast Restaurant ???Tickets for Region 3 Committee/Excom
noon - 1pm Lunch   Region 3 Committee/ExCom
7:00 - Awards Banquet
  Many conference attendees
7:00 - 8:15am Breakfast Restaurant ???Tickets for Region 3 Committee/Excom


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