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      Organizing Committee
General Chair:
  Ping Gui, Southern Methodist University
Program Chairs:
  Rama Venkatasubramanian, Texas Instruments Inc.
Gonggui Xu, AMS.
Publication Chairs:
  Andrew Marshall, University of Texas at Dallas
  Terry Blake, Texas Instruments (ret.)
Panel/Keynote Chair:
  Arjun Rajagopal, Texas Instruments Inc.
Registration/Publicity Chair:
  Raviprakash Rao, Texas Instruments Inc.
  Saqib Malik, Texas Instruments Inc.
Local Arrangements Chairs:
  Ping Gui, Southern Methodist University
  Venkatesh Acharya, Texas Instruments Inc. 
Session Chairs:
  Sidharth Balasubramanian, Texas Instruments Inc.
  Oren Eliezer, EverSet Technologies

Technical Program Review Committee

Murtaza Ali, Texas Instruments
Russel Baker, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Sidharth Balasubramanian, Texas Instruments
Aritra Banerjee, Texas Instruments
Steve Barna, Texas Instruments
Asheesh Bhardwaj, Texas Instruments
Terence Blake, Texas Instruments
Duc Bui, Texas Instruments
Gyungsu Byun, Southern Methodist University
Sudipto Chakraborty, Texas Instruments
Troy Chesler, AMS
Jon Davis, Texas Instruments
Liang Dong, Baylor University
Brian Dupaix, Ohio State University
Oren Eliezer, EverSet® Technologies and TallannQuest
Ayman Fayed, Ohio State University
Ping Gui, Southern Methodist University
Yong Han, AMS
Xiongchuan (Coby) Huang, Broadcom
Zahid Islam, Consultant   
Sanmati Kamath, Texas Instruments
Saqib Malik, Texas Instruments
Sujan Manohar, Texas Instruments
Andrew Marshall, The University of Texas at Dallas
Niraj Nandan, Texas Instruments
Marvin Onabajo, Northeastern University
Jing Pang, CSUS
Eran Pisek, Samsung Research America
Mujibur Rahman, Texas Instruments
Arjun Rajgopal, Texas Instruments
Raviprakash Rao, Texas Instruments
Hetul Sangvi, Texas Instruments
Venkatesh Srinivasan,  Texas Instruments
Chandradevi Ulaganathan, Texas Instruments
Devanathan Varadarajan, Texas Instruments
Rama Venkatasubramanian, Texas Instruments
Luke Wu, Texas Instruments
Gonggui Xu, AMS
Guoying Wu, IDT

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