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Applying Drive Specifications to Systems Applications

Brian Boulter, IEEE Member / ApICS LLC

Bob Lockhart, IEEE Life Member / ApICS LLC


Time:     8:00 AM - Noon

Date:    October 13th, 2002

Location:    Conference Room 'B' on Conference Level


Drive vendor specifications with respect to speed, torque, current, position and tension regulation do not provide guidelines for correctly choosing and applying their respective drives in system applications. This tutorial will cover issues such as the relationships between:


  1. Speed/position loop gain, system and feedback noise, sample rate, communication transport delays, tachometer ripple, system inertia and maximum possible speed/position loop bandwidths.
  2. The relationship between torque ripple, drive torque linearity over an operating speed and temperature range, torque loop bandwidth, and effective tension deviation in web and strip transport and winding applications.
  3. The main differences in drive performance bewteen AC and DC drives


In addition, usefull definitions will be provided that allow the participant to relate fequency domain specifications (such as open and closed loop bandwidths) to time domain specifications (such as first, second and higher order step responses, and load shock  recovery times).


Basic "cookbook" style guidelines for tuning speed, position and tension PID loops will also be provided.