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High Power IGBT Application Issues

Motto, E., Powerex


Time:     1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Date:    October 13th, 2002

Location:    Conference Room 'C' on Conference Level


Information provided in data sheets varies considerably between manufacturers and leave the designer with some questions regarding the selection of devices and heatsinks, and providing device and system protection. The intent of this tutorial is to aid the designer in applying an IGBT to a new product, in view of the continually improving devices. Issues covered include interpretation of device ratings, switching losses, thermal impedances, and heatsink selection, and thermal selection. Device protection issues are also addressed. Techniques for series and parallel connection of devices are discussed. Gate drive requirements and circuit examples are given. Device packaging options are presented, including integration of gate drives and protection circuits. IGBT chip technology and trends are discussed.