IEEE-PES Membership

Please find on this page some information as well as links to the IEEE website for those interested in becoming a member or a student members of the IEEE Power Engineering Society (PES). Taking a quote from the IEEE Membership website:

"Whether you are an experienced professional, changing careers, or just starting out in the profession, IEEE membership will help you meet your daily professional challenges. Your need to be on the cutting edge of modern technology has brought you here".

IEEE membership is open to professionals and students with varying levels of academic accomplishment and work experience. The IEEE membership cycle runs on a calendar year - January through December.

How to apply for membership?

Secure online membership application can be done at the IEEE website. Payments can be made using any major credit card.

- IEEE Membership Page
- IEEE Membership Application (professional and
student membership)

For more information on student membership, visit
- IEEE Student Concourse

Both the IEEE Membership Application and the IEEE Student Membership Application are also available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click on the appropriate links below to download a hardcopy of the application form:

- IEEE Membership Application Form
- IEEE Student Membership Application Form

Senior Members Drive

The Chapter is aggressively promoting qualified members to be Senior Members. If you have been working in the power engineering field (either in the industry, academia or research) for more than ten (10) years, please consider upgrading your IEEE membership to the Senior Member grade. Details available here.

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