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Student Activities Subcommittee




Chair (August 2015 - Present)

Dr. Aaron St. Leger, Ph.D., Associate Professor, United States Military Academy, West Point

Vice Chair (August 2015 - Present)

Dr. Valentina Cecchi, Ph.D, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina: Charlotte

Secretary (August 2018 - Present)

Dr. Sridhar Chouhan, Ph.D., Senior Engineer, Smart Grid Solutions, Leidos

Sridhar Chouhan

Webmaster (August 2015 - Present)

Dr. Anthony S. Deese, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, The College of New Jersey; DIrector of Smart Electric Power System Laboratory

Past Chair (August, 2013- July, 2015)

Dr. Anurag K Srivastava, Assistant Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Washington State University


Past Chair (August, 2011- July, 2013)

Dr. Siddharth Suryanarayanan, Assistant professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Colorado State University


Past Chair (August, 2009- July, 2011)

Dr. Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Past Chair (January, 2008- July, 2009)

Dr. William (Bill) D. Rosehart, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary


Past Chair (January, 2006- December, 2007)

Dr. Joydeep Mitra, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan State University


Past Chair (January, 2004- December, 2005)

Dr. Miroslav M Begovic, Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech


Next meeting of PESA subcommittee will be at IEEE PES general meeting.
Please check "Available Students Support" section for additional information.
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