2008 PSES
Austin, Texas - 20-22 Oct 2008

IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering Sponsored by the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society

The IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society held its Fifth Symposium on Product Safety Engineering in Austin Texas.

Presentations that did not make it on the CD:

Supporting Exhibitors

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  • CSA International (logo)
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2008 PSES Steering Committee contact information:

Designation Name Email ID
Chair Gary Schrempp Gary_Schrempp@dell.com
Co-Chair Doug Nix dnix@ieee.org
Secretary Brian Greaney Brian.a.greaney@hp.com
Treasurer Bansi Patel Bansi.Patel@ieee.org
Technical Co-Chair Bob Griffin bobgriff@us.ibm.com
Technical Co-Chair Gary Tournquist garytor@microsoft.com
Arrangements/Logistics Brian Greaney
Daniece Carpenter
Exhibits/Promotions Thomas Ha tom@gmcompliance.com
Registration Diana Krynski d.krynski@ieee.org
Communications/Webmaster Dan Roman Dan.Roman@ieee.org
Special Technical Program Rich Nute richn@ieee.org
Keynote Speaker Jim Dolphin jimdolphin@earthlink.net
Exhibitor Manager Sue Kingston s.kingston@ieee.org
Merchandising Daniece Carpenter Daniece_Carpenter@dell.com
IEEE Conference Planner Jessica Lotito j.lotito@ieee.org